Power supply unit for connecting Hub 2 / Hub 2 Plus control panels to a low voltage power source.

Protecting facilities lacking electricity

With an alternative 6 V power supply unit, your hub can operate from an external battery for years — without being connected to the facility's power grid — and is ready to protect buildings in critical condition, construction sites, or abandoned properties from burglars, vandals, and unauthorized occupation.

Prevents illegal settling in an empty house

Protects property from vandals

Saves construction equipment

Protecting movable properties

for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX
for Hub 2


The power supply unit is only compatible with Hub 2 and Hub 2 Plus control panels. It has a standard power jack plug to connect the power cable and is supplied with a terminal adapter.


6V PSU is installed into the device body, replacing the pre-installed 110/230 V power supply unit.

Tech specs

Recommended batteries
Zinc air and alkaline batteries with 4.2-16 V operating power

List of Recommended Batteries
Input voltage
4.2-10 V
Output voltage
4.8 V ± 5%
Switch-on voltage
4.2 V ± 2.5%
Switch-off voltage
3-3.4 V (depending on the load)
Maximum input current
2.2 A at 4.2 V; 0.8 A at 10 V
Maximum output current
1.5 A
Plugging in
Plug socket: 6.5 x 2 mm
Plug: 5.5 x 2.1 mm
Operating temperatures range
From -10°С to +40°С
Operating humidity
Up to 75%
98 х 70 х 17 mm
26 g
Warranty service for 24 months from the date of sale.

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Complete set
6V PSU for Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus
Terminal adapter
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