Online course for certified specialist training

Learn everything about installation, adjustment, and sales of Ajax security systems and receive a personal specialist certificate

Grow your business with us

The free online courses from the Ajax Systems team provide a unique opportunity to learn everything about our product from preparing the system for installation and setting up devices, groups and automation scenarios to proven sales scripts.

Ajax Certified Specialists

  • Know the product perfectly and provide competent advice to customers
  • Sell more security and installation services
  • Perform high-quality installation, taking into account all the features of the system devices

How are the courses structured?

  • Series of lectures

    consists of seven online classes that can be studied in sequence or randomly
  • Certification

    final testing to receive a personal Ajax Systems certificate after a successful completion of the test

Whom are these courses for?


Learn about installing and configuring Ajax systems directly from the manufacturer

Sales managers

Will dive deep into the product and learn more about selling Ajax systems


Will improve employees' qualifications quickly and for free and will be assured that the material was well understood thanks to certification


We recommend watching as many online lectures as possible, because they contain a lot of valuable information not previously published on our resources. Also, you will be able to ask questions of the Ajax Systems experts after the lecture.

Bonus: we give gifts to good listeners at every lecture!

Lecture 1: Getting started with Ajax security systems


Lecture 2: Ajax detailed product line


Lecture 3: Ajax Apps


Lecture 4: Comprehensive Security in Cottage Villages and Country Houses


Lecture 5: CCTV Integration to the Ajax security systems


Lecture 6: Scenarios. Creating and configuring scenario


Lecture 7: MultiTransmitter — a module for connecting wired alarm to Ajax


Lecture 8: CMS. Translator. Configuring alarm receiving from Ajax


Final testing

Final testing

Everyone is eligible for certification. If you are confident in your knowledge, register now. But keep in mind that you will only have one try! Next time, you will only be able to complete the Ajax certification when new courses become available. That's why we strongly recommend you attend all the lectures before starting the test.

Specialist Certificate

The document proves your expertise in Ajax security systems.

The companies whose employees have received certificates have an opportunity to become authorized partners of Ajax Systems and be listed on our website. This will increase the visibility of your business in the region. Users who want to buy the Ajax system will see the contact information of your company and the status of an authorized partner.

Any questions?

Contact us at [email protected]

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