Course for certified specialist training

Learn everything about Ajax security systems installation and configuring. Become a certified specialist and take a chance to add your company to the list of authorized partners of Ajax Systems.

Grow your business with us

The free courses from the Ajax Systems trainers provide a unique opportunity to learn everything about our product, from preparing the system for installation and setting up devices, groups, and automation scenarios. A deep understanding of the product will help to sell more.

Ajax Certified Specialists

  • Know the product perfectly and provide competent advice to customers
  • Sell more security and installation services
  • Perform high-quality installation, taking into account all the features of the system devices

How are the courses structured?

  • The course consists of a series of offline lectures and the final test. (Due to COVID-19, lectures may be conducted online). After completing the test successfully, the specialist receives the certificate.

Who might be interested in the courses?


Learn how to install and configure Ajax security system directly from the manufacturer.


Improve employees' qualifications quickly and for free. Get the opportunity to add the company to the list of authorized partners of Ajax Systems.


Every lecture includes practical training and the Q&A part with Ajax Systems experts.

Apply to discover when and where the next course will be held and how to join.

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: The Ajax product range

Lecture 3: Installation & connectivity

Lecture 4: System setup & operation

Lecture 5: Proper installation: DO'S & DON'TS

Lecture 6: Integration with third-party devices

Lecture 7: PD 6662:2017 compliance settings

Lecture 8: Alarm monitoring: connectivity & features

Lecture 9: Integration with third-party software

Final testing

Final testing

The series of lectures end with the test, and the results of it you will know within three working days. The certificate is issued only to those who successfully passed the test. If you fail the test, you can join the next course and retake it.

Specialist Certificate

The document proves the specialist’s expertise in Ajax security systems.

The company whose employee has received the certificate may become an authorized partner of Ajax Systems, with all the advantages of such partnership. Among such benefits — the company will be listed on our website. This will increase the visibility of your business in the region. Users who want to buy the Ajax system will see the contact information of your company and the status of an authorized partner.

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