We believe in a future where the Internet of Things and total automation have won. And this is not about SkyNet. Household appliances have already learned to save time and resources, so you can focus on more important things than turning a water heater on in time. Which, unfortunately, cannot be done remotely yet. This is where our WallSwitch comes to the rescue.

WallSwitch is a 39 × 33 mm box that fits in a recessed receptacle, device casing or cord extender. And with the DIN Holder it also fits in the electrical panel, securely attached to the DIN rail.

There is a power relay inside. At the right moment, the relay contacts control power supply by closing or opening automatically according to the automation scenario, remotely via Ajax apps or by pressing the button on the enclosure.

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In Ajax apps, you can check the current and voltage, as well as the number of kilowatts consumed by the device connected via WallSwitch. WallSwitch operates in 110/230 V~ grids. The device can switch loads up to 3 kW.

To make WallSwitch respond quickly to unstable power supply, we’ve added protection against overcurrent, voltage surges, and overheating. When the voltage is too high/low, the relay disconnects the power. As soon as the voltage returns to normal, power supply resumes automatically. The same happens in case of overheating.

WallSwitch operates as part of the Ajax security system and executes user commands or operates automatically. The user can control WallSwitch via apps for smartphone and PC or Button. Also, WallSwitch can be configured to execute a scenario: by alarm, schedule, security mode change, temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, humidity or by pressing the smart light switch LightSwitch.

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👉 How to create and configure a scenario

Remote control of power supply

WallSwitch can be used to de-energize certain home circuits. The device is installed in the electrical panel with a DIN Holder. It is particularly convenient for a summer/country house: set the schedule, and by the time you arrive, the refrigerator has the optimal temperature and hot water flows from the tap. Just press the Button to open the gate and turn on the light while still driving.

WallSwitch also helps to simulate presence. You can turn on the lights remotely by schedule or by motion detector alarm — this scares off intruders.

You can also control the lighting with the smart LightSwitch.

Climate control system

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WallSwitch helps to reduce energy bills if you have a water heater, an electric boiler, underfloor heating or an air conditioner without a time switch feature. You can turn on these devices remotely a few hours before returning home or set up scheduled scenarios.

With temperature scenarios and the LifeQuality air quality detector, WallSwitch automatically controls the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system according to the set temperature, humidity and CO2 indicators.

👉 How to use the temperature of Ajax detectors for automation

Water leak detection system

With WallSwitch, you can avoid flooding of neighbors in case of pipe burst. All you need is a third-party electric shut-off valve installed and WallSwitch connected to the valve power supply. Use the LeaksProtect water leak detector from Ajax, and water supply will shut off automatically by alarm scenario.

The Ajax product line includes the WaterStop smart water shutoff valve. It helps to build a fully automated water leak detection system based on professional Ajax security technologies.

👉 How to control water shutoff with Ajax. Wiring diagrams

Gate, barrier, and garage door control

You don’t need to carry the key fob with you or leave your car to open the gate. WallSwitch can be connected to the control unit of the electric drive of the gate, garage door or barrier. You can open them by pressing the Button, by scenario or via Ajax apps.

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👉 How to control gates or barriers with Ajax. Wiring diagrams

Roller shutter and curtain control

The Ajax system can automate even such routine actions as opening curtains or roller shutters to save your time and make your life more comfortable.

Connect WallSwitch to a conventional servo and it will help you close and open the curtains with one tap of your finger: you can use apps or a wireless Button. And when you’re not at home, the relay can simulate your presence by opening the curtains on schedule or when a detector is triggered.

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👉 How to configure roller shutter control with Ajax. Wiring diagrams

Remote device rebooting

Some devices require occasional preventive reboots. For example, a TV tuner, router or network switch. With WallSwitch, you can do this without leaving the couch or by setting a separate schedule.

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Talk about your needs with the installer who will be configuring the system. They can help with smart home functions and other features for remote control of devices.


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