Ajax PRO Desktop: app for real PROs

We continue to create professional software with a human face and proud to present Ajax Pro Desktop — a new application that helps to simplify maintaining the Ajax systems for installers and central monitoring station engineers. Now with just a computer and Ajax PRO Desktop, you can quickly configure the system, change the settings, manage access control and view the status of protected premises.
The new app is designed for macOS, both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7/8/10. We’ve optimized Ajax Pro Desktop to the max to ensure the app works quickly even on more modest computers.

OS Windows OS 7, 8, 10, macOS
CPU Intel / AMD 1.2 GHz
GPU 3D accelerator
ROM 400 МB

Meet the new app

Usability. Central monitoring station engineers and installers now have a special tool for monitoring client hubs and configuring systems upon the client’s request.

Speed. You can add thousands of hubs to the app and it will still run seamlessly without lagging or freezing. Previously, installers had to use a custom web version that wasn’t designed for such high loads. Now they can benefit from a full-fledged professional tool.

Accessibility. Ajax PRO has an interface people have already gotten used to. We transferred every last feature and capability of the Ajax PRO mobile app to Ajax PRO Desktop to make usability a breeze.

Evolutional. Just like the mobile app, Ajax Pro Desktop will receive updates and new features. We’ll be gradually increasing its capabilities.

Ajax Pro Desktop features

Quick search. You can find the right hub among thousands in just seconds: simply enter the device ID or area name.


Detailed information about monitored areas. The app displays all devices installed in the area and their status.


Configure hubs and detectors. Make any changes to device parameters remotely.


View events. The notification feed displays alerts about events, alarms, and user actions.


Support for new features. Ajax Pro Desktop has a special group mode, along with options to configure and delete groups.


Access control. Easily add an installer in-app to visit the area and install or test the detectors.


Download Ajax PRO Desktop

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