Socket: a smart outlet for a smart home

Meet Socket: a smart socket that manages home appliances and electronics, helps prevent damage, saves electric energy, and automates routine tasks.

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Manage your home from any corner of the world

Socket manages appliances and electronics power supply. Users can command Socket via the Ajax app, Button press, or set up a scenario. Owners of the Ajax system may be thousands of kilometers away from their homes, but they will still be able to switch on the lights, manage devices, and monitor electric power consumption.

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What smart Socket can do

  • Functions at a distance of up to 1000 meters away from the hub
  • Switches lighting and climate control devices on/off
  • Start home appliances and water heaters
  • Can be a part of a scenario
  • Monitors electric power consumption
  • Consumes less than 1 W⋅h in the standby mode

Several levels of protection

Socket prevents failure and damage to appliances resulting from problems in the electrical power grid. The smart socket interrupts power supply to appliances and electronics in case of under- and overvoltage. In order to prevent fire, Socket turns off when it heats up to 85 °C due to overloads. In addition, Socket is fitted with a ground terminal to prevent electric shocks and safety shutters to prevent children from inserting objects other than plugs into the socket.

Voltage protection for 230 V mainsAvailable, 184–253 V
Maximum load current *11 A (continuous), 13 A (up to 5 s)
Maximum current protectionAvailable, 11 A with protection on, up to 13 A with protection off
Maximum temperature protectionAvailable. The socket turns off automatically when the temperature reaches +85 °C
IEC protection classClass I (with ground terminal)

* If you use inductive or capacitive load, the maximum switching current decreases to 8 A at 230 V AC!

User-friendly design at all levels

Socket is so compact that it does not block adjacent sockets. You can use all the sockets of an extension block or multi-socket plug as Socket easily fits next to power units of any geometrical shape.

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Identifies power vampires

Socket is fitted with a bright LED ring that lights up when a device plugged into the smart socket is in operation. The LED ring changes the color thereby helping to identify the appliances consuming too much energy.

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Set-up in seconds

All you need is your smartphone to set up Socket. Plug the device in the socket and assign it to the Ajax security system by scanning the QR code using the Ajax mobile app. As soon as the LED indicator lights up, everything is ready for operation.

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Where to buy

Technical specifications

Actuating elementElectromagnetic relay
Voltage and type of external power source230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Energy consumption parameter monitoringAvailable (current, voltage, power consumption)
Output power * (resistive load at 230 V)Up to 2.5 kW
Average standby power consumptionLess than 1 W⋅h
Radio signal rangeUp to 1,000 m
Operating temperature rangeFrom 0°C to +40°C
Operating humidityUp to 75 %
Protection classIP20
Dimensions65.5 × 45 × 45 mm
Weight58 g

* If you use inductive or capacitive load, the maximum switching current decreases to 8 A at 230 V AC!

Learn more

👉 Socket User Manual

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