When it comes to leaks or floods, you can see two different pictures.
The first one: damaged walls, parquet flooring, furniture and electronics.
The second one: mobile notification. The automatic anti–flood system with Ajax LeaksProtect detector has identified the first flood signs and shut off the water. The mobile app instantly informed the owner about the incident.

Read the article to learn how to implement the Ajax anti–flood system in your home, office, store or production facility.

What damage can leaks and floods cause

Frequent. Destructive. Expensive. These three characteristics describe floods and leaks, regardless of how massive they are.

They happen more often than fires or burglaries. Leaks and floods are number one in the ranking of everyday disasters. According to statistics, in one district (of 333 private houses) there are 1 fire, 9 burglaries and 27 plumbing leaks that happen per year.

They are awfully destroying. The water damage is so serious that it is assessed by the international body — IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Scientifically speaking, there are 4 degrees of water damage. The gradation depends on the porosity of the materials and their ability to absorb the water.

In simple words, the mold grows even if water–damaged areas are dried within 48 hours. The musty smell may never disappear. The wooden floor rots, the drywall gets soaked and crumbled. Appliances deteriorate. Electrical wiring becomes dangerous. A short circuit can cause a fire.

ajax floods leaks

They cost a lot of money. 13 billion dollars. 707 million pounds. 275 million euros.

This is the annual cost of water damage in the US, UK, Spain, respectively. Countries and currencies can change, but the financial losses remain tremendous.

There are everyday leaks and floods; and there are floods caused by natural disasters. The last ones are not the focus of this article, but they were possibly counted in the aforementioned statistics.

In addition to global damage, the leaks can be “slow”. They are difficult to spot right away, but they are still expensive. A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 11,000 liters per year (3,000 US gallons). That’s the amount of water needed to take more than 180 showers. A 3mm crack in a pipe results in 945 liters of water leak per day (or 250 US gallons). You can fill an aquarium with this water and launch a small shark in it.

Sources of water leaks and floods

  • Defective plumbing (for example, toilet)
  • Water pipes
  • Water heater
  • Heating radiators
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher

They need to be monitored and constantly kept in mind. Scale inside the water heater can cause a leak, so you need to check it once in a while and clean. Water heater anode should be replaced in time. Washing machine water supply hoses deteriorate after 8-9 years, so don’t forget to check them and replace them.

Regular control is important, but it does not prevent the accident. In apartment buildings, the human factor (for example, a forgetful neighbor) can cause a problem.

How to keep risk areas under control

Let the security system take care of it. LeaksProtect wireless leak detector does not require installation, goes years without maintenance, and works 24/7.

The device height is only 14 mm. Just place it where water leaks are likely to happen. If your washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks, the detector will react immediately, and the Ajax app will report an accident.

And if the facility has an anti-flooding system, Ajax will automatically shut off water supply. LeaksProtect leak detectors, Relay or WallSwitch relays, and electrovalves, can be used to create a smart water control and anti-flooding system.

👉 How to do this

Hub 2 Plus

Advanced control panel with alarm photo verification support
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Wireless flood detector
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Wireless low-tension dry contact relay
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Wireless power relay with energy monitor
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Why Ajax and not another anti-flood system

Why do you need a security system when you can buy a simple detector with a water supply shutoff valve?

The difference is in three main criteria:


From 1 to 200 LeaksProtect leak detectors can be connected to the hub (Ajax security system control panel). Each of them detects a leak, and the system can control multiple solenoid valves, stopping the water supply to the whole building, or particular floor, wing of the floor, or even a specific room. The solenoid valve can be selected according to your requirements, without any restrictions — in contrast to anti-flood systems, where this element is already set. The number of supported detectors in such systems is about 5 times less, and the flexibility of controlling them tends to zero.


Most anti-flood systems are powered by electricity and will not last more than 1-2 days in autonomous mode. LeaksProtect operates on a pre-installed battery for up to 5 years. Just place a miniature device where a water leak is likely to happen and forget about it for years. Also, the security system control panel can operate from a portable battery using Ajax 12V PSU or Ajax 6V PSU power supply units. Thus, the system ensures safety in facilities with missing, low-voltage or unstable power supply.

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Ajax provides an uninterrupted interaction of all security system devices and two-sided connection on up 1300 m in an open area. This is an unattainable range for a traditional anti-flood system. The Ajax Jeweller radio protocol uses authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against data theft. All this makes LeaksProtect effective against small leaks and large floods. Tiny apartments, huge production facilities and malls are safe with Ajax.