StarterKit Cam

StarterKit Cam

Un sistema di sicurezza con foto-verifica degli allarmi
Connessione rapida all'istituto di vigilanza che risponde all'allarme
Sicurezza automatizzata con gli scenari
Tre canali di comunicazione per rimanere online
Serie animata di foto per verificare gli allarmi

Proteggi la casa dagli intrusi

Il kit di sicurezza wireless StarterKit Cam ti protegge dalla rapina. Ajax informerà immediatamente te e l'istituto di vigilanza della rottura della porta e in meno di 9 secondi invierа una foto dalla scena.

Controlla il tuo sistema di sicurezza da qualsiasi parte del mondo con uno smartphone. Non preoccuparti dei blackout e delle interruzioni del segnale Internet. L'hub rimarrà a guardia della casa grazie ad una batteria di riserva e 2 schede SIM.
Protect your home from intrusion

StarterKit Cam è composto da quattro dispositivi

Hub 2

Hub 2

L’hub controlla tutti i dispositivi del sistema di sicurezza. Inoltre, l'hub informa su qualsiasi attività in casa, utilizzando notifiche push, SMS e telefonate.


Il rilevatore di movimento reagisce a presenze non autorizzate in uno spazio sorvegliato e scatta una serie di foto per confermare gli allarmi.


Il rilevatore reagisce istantaneamente alle aperture. È la prima linea di difesa del tuo sistema di sicurezza. Montalo su ogni tipo di porta.


Il telecomando arma e disarma la casa. Durante un'emergenza, premi il pulsante antipanico per chiamare i rinforzi.

Estendi l'arsenale del tuo sistema di sicurezza

Scegli il set Ajax più appropriato in 2 minuti

Dicci cosa desideri proteggere e metteremo insieme un set di rilevatori e dispositivi per il tuo edificio.

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Security System Starter Kit. How to choose a burglar alarm

The security issue has always been topical. With so many possible threats, the best thing you can do to protect your space is a burglar alarm installation.

A set of security devices allows its users to monitor the situation in the protected area. In an incident, the security system informs the owners and the connected services about this. This principle of operation will help prevent flooding, the spread of fire, theft or damage to the property.

The starter set of the security system includes sensors and devices for monitoring the current situation in the room. In the event of an alarm (motion detection, etc.), the alarm sends a signal to the system’s users and to the security company’s monitoring service to which users can connect the security system at will.

To notify about an incident or an attempt to enter a room is the main task of a set of security alarms.

How to choose a burglar alarm

First, the user needs to determine what type of object protection to use — console, stand-alone or individual.

The most popular type of security today is a remote alarm. This security system is connected to the central security console. In case of unauthorized entry into the space or triggering of fire sensors, the equipment installed in the protected area transmits an alarm signal to the owner and to the security control panel.

Advantages of remote control:

  • Use of backup communication channels. Radio signal transmission is almost impossible to jam.
  • In addition to intrusions, water leaks, gas leaks, or fires can be detected.
  • Specialists carry out installation and configuration of equipment.
  • Prompt arrival of the response team to the object on a signal.

Disadvantages of remote control:

  • Often more expensive than other types of security systems.
  • There may be cases of poorly performed work by a security company.

A stand-alone alarm is available and easy to install. In this type of security system, basic alarm kits are often provided, and all that is needed is to place sensors in the protected premises. An autonomous alarm system informs about the danger with a siren sound or light detectors. This type of signalling is typical for medium and large objects.

Advantages of autonomous alarm:

  • Low cost.
  • Self-installation option.

The main drawback is that neither the users of the system nor the central security post-receive an alarm signal. Whether the danger will be prevented depends only on the neighbours reaction to sound and light signals.

Depending on the equipment’s capabilities, individual alarms notify its users with messages, mobile phone calls, take photos and videos of alarm confirmation, and send them emails. Individual alarm systems are often installed in small companies, apartments, cottages, etc.

Such systems are often equipped with a GSM module and are supplied with wireless security sensors. It is desirable to install such a system in heated rooms. At low air temperatures, the burglar alarm may work intermittently or fail.

Advantages of a personal alarm:

  • The average cost of equipment.
  • Self-installation option.
  • Flexible configuration of the security system.
  • Only the user has access to the security system.
  • No fixed telephone network is required.
  • In the event of an alarm, the user is notified about it.

Disadvantages of individual alarm:

  • Material risks.
  • False alarms are not ruled out.
  • It is possible to jam the signal of the GSM transmitter.

Burglar alarm capabilities

After the user has determined the type of a suitable security alarm, there’s a need to choose a package that will cover all needs. To do this, users have to familiarize themselves with the main types of incidents that the installation and use of a burglar alarm can prevent.

  • Protecting property — intrusion prevention equipment is required in a burglar alarm kit. Intrusion can be prevented by motion sensors, sirens that will attract the attention of the environment, as well as motion and glass break sensors.

After a threat is detected by one of these devices, the security service and users of the system receive an alarm signal.

  • To protect against fire or gas leaks, there are fire and smoke detectors. If the sensor detects the beginning of a fire, it transmits an alarm signal to the central control panel. Users and the security company are notified of the incident. Thus, damage to property and other troubles can be prevented.
  • Flood sensors are used to protect against flooding. The device detects a pipe break, dishwasher or washing machine leakage. The leakage sensor notifies users of the system and related services about the alarm.

Security starter kit. Equipment

The main devices in almost every basic security alarm kit are similar in functionality, and these are:

  1. receiving device;
  2. security detectors;
  3. light and/or sound detectors;
  4. communication lines;
  5. sources and power circuits.

Ajax StarterKit Cam Wireless Security Alarm Kit

The Ajax StarterKit Cam wireless security alarm set detects entry into the protected area and helps prevent damage to property or illegal entry. The Ajax StarterKit Cam security alarm kit will be enough for basic protection.

Complete set of the basic set of security alarms Ajax

Ajax StarterKit Cam security device starter kit includes:

  1. Control panel Hub 2;
  2. Opening sensor DoorProtect;
  3. MotionCam motion sensor;
  4. Keychain SpaceControl.

Hub 2 is the control center of the security system. A device that controls the operation of all connected devices. Using the Jeweller radio protocol and two-way communication of security sensors with the hub, the system instantly notifies users of an incident using SMS, push notifications and calls.

It is possible to connect up to 100 devices, 50 rooms, 50 users, 25 surveillance cameras or registrars, and nine security groups — hub signal coverage radius — up to 2000 m.

MotionCam is a wireless sensor with a built-in PIR sensor that responds to movements in a protected area. The device takes a series of photographs to verify the motion detection.

The MotionCam motion sensor eliminates false alarms and triggers on animals. Detect objects up to 50 cm and up to 20 kg.

DoorProtect is a wireless sensor designed to be installed on any door and window, responding to openings. It is equipped with a reed switch intended for more than a million openings.

Communication between the DoorProtect sensor and the hub is maintained at a distance of up to 1200 m. The device is protected from signal jamming, has a temperature sensor and a tamper that prevents opening.

The last device is SpaceControl. This stand-alone home security key fob will arm and disarm the premises. With one click, the built-in panic button function will call for reinforcements in an unforeseen situation.

The range of communication with the hub is up to 1300 m. Protection against accidental button presses and forgery is provided.

Additional devices for the Ajax StarterKit Cam alarm starter kit

For the highest level of protection, it is worth completing the burglar alarm kit Ajax StarterKit Cam with the following devices:

For additional protection of the premises from burglary and robbery, it is worth installing a glass break detector, for example, GlassProtect. The device ignores all sounds, except for the sound of broken glass, which helps to reduce the risk of false alarms.

For fire protection, along with the basic alarm kit, it is worth installing a FireProtect Plus fire detector. Such a device detects smoke using a camera with a photoelectric sensor, thereby helping to prevent fire.

After detecting smoke, the sensor generates an alarm signal and sends it to the security system and the central security console users.

The security system can be supplemented with devices that allow you to control automation scenarios, such as KeyPad or KeyPad Plus — wireless touch keyboards that notify users of opening and jamming communications. Installing the keypad is recommended near the front door for easy access.

To prevent flooding, there is a corresponding leakage sensor — LeaksProtect. After liquid gets on the contacts of the sensors, an alarm is triggered. Users of the system and the security company will receive alerts about the danger.


By taking care of your own space, you can save property and prevent unpleasant situations. Particular attention should be paid to the most common aspects of premises security. And following them, choose the most suitable configuration of the security system.

Common reasons for installing a burglar alarm are fires, floods, and unauthorized people entering the protected area. For each type of threat, detection sensors and ways to notify users and the security company are provided.

The Ajax StarterKit Cam security alarm starter kit is sufficient for high-quality space protection. The user always has the opportunity to supplement the kit with optional sensors, thereby expanding the capabilities of his own security system.

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