Ajax Systems will unveil new products at Special Event: Comfort zone, October 11

Ajax Systems will unveil new products at Special Event: Comfort zone, October 11

Today, Ajax Systems announces its new Special Event, a big virtual presentation of the latest hardware and software the company has been working on recently.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 11. Its time will vary depending on the region.

The tagline of the show is “Comfort zone”. Ajax Systems is stepping out of its comfort zone to bring innovations to new market niches. New devices and updates will be showcased to partners and users from over 130 countries worldwide.

It will become the 4th major event by Ajax Systems. The previous online presentation has received over 750,000 views around the world, and over 1,500 security professionals attended local offline events held by Ajax Systems and its partners in Ukraine, Spain, Italy, France, Romania, and other countries. This year, the geographical scale of the events is planned to be even bigger.

Special Event: Comfort zone to be broadcasted in 19 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, and Greek. Versions in Finnish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Arabic will be available with subtitles. Viewers will get a chance to choose the language of the broadcast before it starts.

The event is entirely free. Register using the link below to learn the time of the event for your region and add the event to your calendar so as not to miss it.

During the last Special Event presentation, Ajax Systems introduced the groundbreaking wired Fibra technology with a product line of the same name and multiple additions to its wireless security systems. They included the MotionCam lineup supporting on-demand photos, a new Hub 2 version with a 4G modem, ReX 2 supporting photo verification and Ethernet connection, vhfBridge module for instant alarms delivery without Internet, Socket with type G plug, and MultiTransmitter integration module supporting 3EOL.

Watch the recording below or read this article to learn more about the products showcased at the previous Ajax Special Event.