App for connecting Ajax security systems to central monitoring stations
Translator is a utility that converts hub events into a format supported by CMS software.
Support for SIA (DC-09), Sur-Gard (Contact ID), ADEMCO 685 and proprietary protocols
Photo verification of alarms
Data protection with encryption
In-app panic button service

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Banking level of connection reliability

Translator communicates with systems both via the Ajax Cloud server and directly. The ability to use these two communication channels provides backup and increases reliability.
Thanks to the test interval starting from 10 seconds, the Ajax Cloud server can detect connection loss with the security system in a minute.

More than alarm monitoring

Photo verification

Know what caused the alarm. Avoid unnecessary dispatches. Photo verification is a new norm of monitoring.

The Translator app transmits1 to a CMS not only alarm events of security systems but also images from the cameras built into the motion detectors.

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In-app panic button service

Expand your list of security services. When the panic button is pressed in the Ajax app, a CMS receives1 not only the event code but also the exact coordinates of the client's smartphone.

Monitoring requests from the Ajax app

Get new customers in a few clicks. Ajax systems users can send monitoring requests directly from the app.

Speaking to monitoring software in the same language

With Translator, there are no situations in which a security system reports an event to CMS software with an unsuitable code. Standard Sur-Gard event and alarm codes can be edited through a user-friendly interface; it will take your engineer a few minutes to ensure effective interaction between the secured facilities and your monitoring station.

Only events that worth attention

The monitoring station software can receive all or only certain events of the security systems. With Translator, you can filter fire alarms or leak notifications if you don't provide your customers with response service to such events.
Panic button
Fill the form to connect your monitoring company to Ajax and get access to the Translator software

System requirements

Intel Core I3
4 GB
20 GB free space
Windows 7, 8, 10 with Java machine Version 8 Update 73 (Oracle)
100 Mb/s
Cloud signaling monitoring
Deliver events to monitoring station software directly from Ajax Cloud with PRO Desktop

Monitoring apps integrated with Translator

In addition to events and alarms of security systems, the integrated CMS apps receive visual alarm verifications and coordinates of the panic button pressed in the Ajax app. The proprietary CMS protocol is used for communication with Translator.

Іntegrated CMS apps

Are you a monitoring software developer?

Use the capabilities of Ajax security systems for 100% and offer your customers the best possible alarm monitoring tools. Request integration, and our engineers will implement support for the communication protocol of your CMS software in the Translator app.
1 Photo verification of alarms and receiving panic button coordinates require connection via Ajax Cloud, functionality support by the CMS software, and integration of the monitoring software with the Translator software. Learn more

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