Ajax web tools

Empower your project planning and device configuration with our web tools

Ajax system configurator

Ajax system configurator

Configure all elements of the Ajax ecosystem to suit your needs

Radio communication range calculator

Assess the communication quality between a device and a hub (or range extender), considering possible interferences

Battery life calculator

Estimate a device’s battery lifespan, considering communication quality, ambient factors, and user settings

Fibra power supply calculator

Check the system’s operation and estimate the power consumption of Fibra devices in your project

Case configurator

Get options for the most optimal Сase configurations that consider the Fibra devices you need

Switches and outlets configurator

Assemble a custom set of Ajax switches and outlets

Ajax devices compatibility

Find out which hub or range extender is compatible with a specific device, product group, or product line

Brandplate constructor

Place your logo and contact information on the front panels of StreetSiren DoubleDeck sirens to transform them into effective advertisements for your services