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PRO Desktop

Integrated app for the installation and monitoring business
Use the PRO Desktop app to unleash the full potential of Ajax security systems

Installation and maintenance

Alarm monitoring

Fast connection and setup of devices
Automatic synchronization of device settings when connecting control panels (hubs)
Remote adjustment of system parameters
Effective incident management
Instant fault notifications
Alarm photo verification straight out of the box
Detailed log of systems events and in-app activities
Mobile panic button service support
Maintenance reports
Detailed log of systems events and in-app activities

Installation and maintenance

Fast connection and setup of devices
Remote adjustment of system parameters
Instant fault notifications
Detailed log of systems events and in-app activities

Alarm monitoring

Automatic synchronization of device settings when connecting control panels (hubs)
Effective incident management
Alarm photo verification straight out of the box
Mobile panic button service support
Detailed log of systems events and in-app activities

Download PRO Desktop

PRO Desktop meets the needs of every professional working with Ajax security systems. Facilities profiling and remote configuration, alarm monitoring and photo verification, staff administering and a detailed event log — all in one, intuitive interface.

Staff is always supervised

PRO Desktop allows you to use a company account1 that combines employee accounts. At any time, even far from the office, a manager can easily change the role of an employee, disable or delete their account. Within their roles, employees have access only to those app modules and information that are needed for their work. Every activity in the app is recorded in the event log.
Administers permissions and analyzes business performance
Connect facilities and maintain security systems
Handle incidents and coordinates the rapid response units
1 "Company Account" is only available to companies that provide security alarm monitoring services. The installation business will get access to the functionality in future PRO Desktop updates.

Interface that works for you

Every PRO Desktop screen embodies the idea of efficiency. With the flexible event and object filtering, an installer can administer hundreds of thousands of security systems in a single app. Alarms are combined into one incident, which makes it easier for an operator to assess events at the object. The speed of response goes up. Search by name, hub identifier and site number makes navigation effortless.

Seamless experience against human errors

When creating a facility profile, the Ajax system’s hardware configuration is automatically loaded from the cloud server. An engineer does not waste time transferring devices manually. No risk of mechanical error. And the business does not incur losses.


The optimum solution for a company security department
With PRO Desktop, a company security department can monitor the service quality of third-party installation and monitoring companies. Does the equipment work correctly in offices, shops or warehouses of the network? How often is it checked and maintained? If there was an incident that required reaction, how long did it take for the rapid response unit or the police to arrive? And notifications about arming and disarming systems allow you to monitor how remote company branches work.
Multi-subscription is the feature of the Ajax security system to be simultaneously connected to several installation and/or security companies.

Photo verification as evidence of professionalism

Know what caused an alarm. Eliminate unnecessary dispatches to false alarms. Photo verification is the new norm for smart monitoring.

Photo verification is available right after the PRO Desktop installation. There is no need for extra modules and app settings.

Protects against emergencies

With PRO Desktop, you don't have to suspend monitoring service for a long time due to server breakdown, power outage, or fire in the building. Employees just log into their accounts on backup laptops connected to the mobile internet, and they are all set to continue working. A couple of minutes to recover in an emergency — which of your competitors can offer clients such reliability?

Cloud infrastructure at no extra cost

PRO Desktop does not require powerful servers, dedicated IPs, and a system administrator on staff. The app has low system requirements even when monitoring tens of thousands of protected facilities. Ajax Cloud server provides all computations. The data is stored encrypted. The server is located in several geographically dispersed data centers, has an intelligent load balancing, and uses cutting-edge server technologies.
uptime in 2020
2 years
event archive
multilingual support

Maintenance reports

Improve service quality using maintenance reports. With a few clicks, you get a detailed report on the state of all security and fire devices, with a brief conclusion on whether the system needs maintenance.

The bank-level communication reliability

PRO Desktop needs only a minute to detect if communication with Ajax security system is lost. Information transfer is carried out using secure encrypted protocols. For the company, this is an opportunity to provide clients with the Grade 4 signaling level by default.
hubs testing interval from
10 seconds
with no load on server
control panels testing interval is more than
15 minutes
due to high load on server

Ready to scale along with your business

The cloud nature makes PRO Desktop the perfect tool for an aggressively growing business. An increase from a hundred to a thousand or even hundreds of thousands of protected facilities will not require the company to rebuild the infrastructure, purchase new equipment, and expand the staff. PRO Desktop ensures any workload, freeing up resources to improve client service.

Deliver events to monitoring station software directly from Ajax Cloud

Cloud signaling monitoring is a PRO Desktop function that converts hub’s events right on Ajax Cloud. Now there is no need to install extra utility programs on company premises. A Senior CMS Engineer, registered in the PRO Desktop, can change Cloud signaling monitoring configurations and receive events in the format supported by the company’s CMS.

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Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers is the app for the installation engineers to connect and administer Ajax security systems.

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Use the PRO Desktop app to install, maintain and monitor Ajax security systems

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