Ajax PRO Desktop: Windows app for real PROs
Professional software for installers and central monitoring station engineers
Ajax Relay: the pulse of smart home
A new relay to help control and automate devices
Hub OS Malevich 2.6: a new level of security
Maximum security management capabilities: groups, personal codes for keyboards, even more access levels.
Hub OS Malevich 2.6: Setting up and using new features
Everything you need to know about Group Mode, personal passcode for keypads, new access levels
How to connect a wire detector to Ajax and Transmitter capabilities
Great potential of the integration module
The case of Lithuanian mobile operator BITE and Ajax: “Security Service Package”
How several very different businesses together create a cool product
The fearless Oleksandr Usyk is going to battle together with Ajax
Oleksandr attacks and the Ajax protects.
How to turn on instant alarms on Android
Do it to be in safe.
2017 in numbers
How correctly set targets help to achieve impressive results
Hub OS Malevich December update
Why Ajax has put a new block on the armed mode
Historic triumph
Ajax Systems has won a prestigious award in the world of security
How smoke detectors are tested and why they need EN 14604 certification
So that there is no doubt, can you trust FireProtect
Ajax PRO: features and first steps
Everything you need to know about our new application for professional security installers.
Introducing Ajax PRO: a universal tool for professional installers
Faster and more functional, featuring fine-tuned access rights.
How to connect cameras to the Ajax security system
Compatible with Ajax cameras, getting the right RTSP links and necessary router settings
Ajax application updates: connecting video cameras, automation scenarios and new settings
All new features of the mobile application Ajax Security System
What are Grades and why is it so important for a security system to have them
What kind of tests do the security system need to go through to get professional status
Hub OS Malevich — how we made a system that embodies the idea of absolute simplicity
History of technical evolution of Ajax Hub OS.
Presenting Hub OS Malevich: 11 new possibilities
It took us a year to create Hub OS Malevich — a brand–new hub operating system. In this article, we talk about 11 new possibilities and plans for the future.
Brain in a Box
How you can turn an ordinary home into a smart one with the help of WallSwitch.
How to Choose a Bulletproof Security System for Your Home
This article will be useful for people who made the decision to protect their home, but only started studying different options for a security system. We will analyze the main characteristics that make the difference between a reliable security system and a plaything.
An Exemplary Victory
In March, Ajax Systems took part in the MIPS Securika exhibition for the first time. There we have earned two awards, one for the best innovative product and another for the best debut. One could say it was beginner’s luck. But we are far from beginners.
“One mistake — and your reputation is done for”
We interviewed the head of Sheriff holding Dmytro Strizhov — a graduate of the specialized military high school and Kyiv Polytechnic University (KPI) who has built a business so successful it now allows him to concentrate on sports.
“Break-in Becomes Impossible”
For our first interview with a PRO we met the head of a Kyiv-based installation company called Exlibris-V. We talked about equations, the National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI), and, of course, security systems.
2016 in figures
2016 for Ajax Systems is a year of growth in all areas. Nothing encourages our team to new achievements in the new year as positive results.
Cut the wires. How to reinvent a security system