Ajax Software

Simple security management

Ajax Security System

A free mobile app for users

Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers

A free mobile application for installers and security engineers

Ajax PRO Desktop

Free PC app for CMS installers and engineers

Ajax 911

A full-fledged central monitoring station in one computer

Ajax Translator

An app to establish communication between Ajax security systems and CMS software
Uses Sur-Guard (ContactID) protocol
Decrypts events from hubs before passing them to CMS
Connects hubs directly to CMS and/or via Ajax Cloud
Delivers photo confirmations of the MotionCam alarm signals to Manitou or SBN CMS software
Allows to receive monitoring requests from Ajax user apps


Security automation for home and office

Video surveillance

Integration of IP-cameras and DVRs

Control your home and office

Use one app to manage your security system and monitor security cameras. With Ajax, you can connect IP-cameras via RTSP, or try a simplified integration for Hikvision and Safire, Dahua, and Uniview video surveillance equipment.

Ajax Enterprise API

An interface for integrating Ajax products with third-party services and applications for commercial projects
  • Administer security systems through your applications
  • Build integrated security services and automation solutions based on our products
  • Integrate Ajax with IT infrastructure, CRM systems, and billing procedures

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