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Boost your home security

Scenarios are an advanced protection layer of your private property. They help to make your security system go beyond detecting threats and begin to resist them actively.

Automate your smart home with scenarios. Rest assured that every command will be delivered to the hub and executed thanks to a reliable radio connection and the rigorous operation of OS Malevich.
The Night Mode arms the perimeter of the property and protects your family while they sleep. Adjust automatic disarming to avoid unnecessary disturbance and false emergency call-outs.
  • Water
  • LeaksProtect
  • Relay
  • Electrovalve
Ajax detectors identify a pipe breakage and dishwasher leaks from the first drops. An activated scenario can automatically shut down running water to prevent flooding.
  • Arming
  • Relay
  • Electric lock
  • Schedule
  • WallSwitch
  • Roller shutter
Avoid situations when your staff forgets to close a roller shutter or lock a door. Set up scenarios to automatically activate electric locks and roller shutters as you arm the system or by schedule.
  • MotionProtect Outdoor
  • WallSwitch
  • Outdoor lighting
Deter burglars approaching the house with the bright lights and loud sirens. Use scenarios to turn on projectors if outdoor motion detectors are activated.
  • Schedule
  • WallSwitch
  • Lighting
  • Schedule
  • Socket
  • Audiosystem
If you plan a vacation, set up a schedule to simulate home activity with lights, TV, and audio system sounds. That way, your home won't look empty and attract attention of the burglars.
  • Smoke
  • FireProtect
  • WallSwitch
Fire detectors immediately respond to smoke or temperature increase. Set a scenario to switch off the potential cause of ignition.
  • Schedule
  • WallSwitch
  • Heating
Save money on heating with scenarios by Ajax. Adjust underfloor heating schedule and turn on the electric boiler automatically at night — when tariffs are lower 1


Remote control for home and office

Whether you need to turn off the lights at the office at once or switch on the electrical appliances as you get back home, Button will always be at hand to help control the space.

Compatible with every Ajax system

Hubs of all generations support scenarios: responses and scheduled actions. The amount of alarm reactions, Button commands or scheduled actions depend on the hub’s model. 2

Set up your first scenario in 2 minutes

  • 1
    Open the Ajax app
  • 2
    Open the settings of an automation device, a hub, or Button
  • 3
    Choose a scenario type and set up the execution conditions

Build an advanced security system

using the Ajax automation devices


Wireless smart plug with energy monitor for managing domestic appliances


Radio-controlled power relay for managing power supply and electrical appliances


Radio-controlled low-current relay for managing electrical circuits and appliances


Wireless panic button / remote control for smart home


DIN Holder

Bracket to fix Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail


Bracket to fix Button or DoubleButton on surfaces
1 Electricity rates may vary depending on your country and region.
2 Reactions by arming and disarming are not included in the overall limit of the hub’s scenarios. You can run only one reaction by arming and disarming per automation device

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