Ajax Systems

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  • Ajax API

    Votes: 1.92K
  • Apple HomeKit integration

    Votes: 1.84K
  • Wireless motion detector with built-in camera

    Votes: 1.55K
  • Automatic notification about low SIM-card balance

    Votes: 1.35K
  • Smart valve to stop water leaks

    Votes: 1.33K
  • ZigBee, Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave protocols support

    Votes: 1.24K
  • Triggered scenarios for Ajax security system

    Votes: 1.08K
  • Outdoor camera with motion detector and cloud recording

    Votes: 1.01K
  • IFTTT integrations

    Votes: 957
  • Interface to configure hub via LAN

    Votes: 932