Basic security system devices

Basic security system devices

The security system is about calmness, responsibility, and foresight. However, for those who are new to this topic, it might be pretty puzzling to figure out what has to be the first thing to buy to protect their premises. We’ll explain the most important things to help you navigate the various security system solutions the market offers. For instance: when to install such a system, what should be included in it, and how to choose Ajax devices to meet your needs.

When to install security devices

Sadly, many people consider purchasing a security system only after something unpleasant has happened. Usually, fires, burglaries, and floods are the reasons why people decide to install devices that help protect their homes, businesses, and, most importantly, their lives. Just imagine how much time and money you would spend to recover lost property. Therefore, a high-quality security system is an investment that will pay off.

What should be included in the basic security system

When choosing a security system, it is important to determine the minimum kit of devices you will need. Let’s start by figuring out what is included in a security system. According to their functions, security devices can be divided into four groups: detectors, sirens, hubs, and control devices. When deciding to purchase your first security system, be sure to consider devices from each group.

Using a configurator, you can calculate the cost of a security kit. It’s very simple: select the type of your premises, indicate the type of protection you want to install, and specify details (e.g. number of floors, rooms). The configurator will offer a basic and extended kit of devices specifically for your needs. A detailed list of devices with their cost calculation can be downloaded in PDF.


ajax basic security system devices

The main devices for protection against intrusion are opening detectors (e.g. DoorProtect Plus Fibra, DoorProtect Plus Jeweller) that work on the principle of a magnet. They react to the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the position of the detector changes by only 1 cm, it will trigger an alarm. As a result, a loud siren will be activated and scare away the intruder before they can cause any damage. Opening detectors can also integrate third-party sensors and run automation scenarios.

You will also need motion detectors (e.g., MotionProtect Jeweller, MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweller) for indoor or outdoor use. Such devices will detect an intruder when they try to enter the protected area. The detectors react to the heat of the human body and trigger an alarm once they detect a change in temperature. Devices from the MotionCam series confirm the alarm with photo verification. It allows you to ascertain whether the alarm is false or not. More security means less worry.

Control devices

The main device for administering the security system is the Ajax application. You can connect, configure, use, and monitor security systems with it. Unlike the Ajax app, the wireless KeyPad and the Ajax SpaceControl key fob allow you to manage the security system and arm or disarm it remotely even having no electricity or connection. The key fob is ready to work out of the box — just connect it to the hub via the mobile app. Thanks to wireless keypads, you can control security modes without a code, account, or Ajax app.


ajax basic security system devices

Another device for the basic security system is a siren. It scares away the burglar and also alerts the homeowner and the security company about the intrusion. Ajax devices include three sirens: HomeSiren for protecting your home, StreetSiren and StreetSiren DoubleDeck for outdoor use. In some countries, sirens are a mandatory device in a security system. They have a loud and piercing sound, so the intrusion will not go unnoticed.

There is a tamper on the siren board that notifies the security company and users of any attempt to dismantle the device. If someone tries to remove the siren from its mount, open or damage its enclosure, you will receive a notification about it. Sirens also react if doors are left open for a long time when the system is disarmed.


ajax basic security system devices

The hub, or control panel, is the “brain” of the entire security system. It controls the operation of all the devices that have been added to it and sends notifications about their status to users and the security company.

Ajax hubs run on the real-time operating system OS Malevich. Thanks to it, you can be sure that the security system is reliable, immune to viruses, and protected from cyber-attacks.

The hub can be easily controlled via the app. Change settings, manage protected objects, track events, and create scenarios from anywhere with internet access. The app’s intuitive design helps you quickly understand how it works.


The security system is extremely important for your home and can save not only your property but also your nerves. The modern market allows you to choose a set of security devices that will fully satisfy you. Each Ajax device is a professional product that has been tested repeatedly and meets all the requirements of the security system market. As a result, these devices have fewer false alarms, making them financially beneficial to maintain. It is not scary to trust your life and safety to a security system when it’s Ajax.

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