More than contact sensors

Ajax wireless opening detectors consist of two parts: a reed switch and a magnet in a separate case. A reed switch is an electrical contact in a sealed container that closes as the magnet approaches and opens when the magnet is more than 1 cm away. In this way, the contact alarm sensor registers both the opening and closing, and the security system notifies users and a monitoring station.

Door and window contact sensors are an essential element of any alarm system. In the Ajax security system, opening detectors can activate sounders, run automation scenarios, and integrate third-party sensors — all these features make them an important part of a smart home.


Wireless opening detector
Additional connector for third-party sensors
Up to 7 years of operation from battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,200 m

DoorProtect Plus

Wireless opening, tilt and shock detector
Built-in accelerometer
Tilt detection from 5°
Additional connector for third-party sensors
Up to 5 years of operation from battery
Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,200 m

Features of Ajax opening detectors

Detecting intruders before they enter a premise

In addition to the door contact sensor function, Ajax opening detectors can detect powerful shocks, register change of the inclination angle, and receive signals from third-party wired sensors. It allows activating an alarm in the case of attempts to kick down or dismantle a door. You can get a door lock's hidden alarm by installing a contact sensor in a door frame and connecting it to the opening detector.

Combining security and comfort

The accelerometer built in the detector allows leaving for airing both regular and dormer windows. If the angle of the window changes by more than 5°, the security system triggers and calls a patrol.

Making third-party sensors smart

With DoorProtect Plus, you can integrate a roller shutter motion sensor into the Ajax security system and set the conditions for alarm activation in the mobile app.

Helping to resist intruders actively

Automation scenarios allow you to set the light to switch on or the door to be locked by an alarm of the opening detector. If electric locks are installed, the opening of an interior door can block all entrance doors and lower shutters. In this way, the attackers will be detained until the arrival of a police patrol.

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