Fuel tank cap

Fuel tank cap

Customized fuel tank cap with in-built magnetic opening detector

Portugalenses Transportes, Lda

One of the leading transport companies in Europe.

About the product

Featuring a built-in magnetic opening detector — DoorProtect Jeweller — this cap can activate StreetSiren Jeweller and instantly notify the driver and the company control center about opening the tank. Every protected truck has an Hub 2 (2G) Jeweller control panel connected to the vehicle battery via 12V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2.

The hub uses 2G networks to communicate with the company control center. In case of alarm, the control panel activates the siren, sends notifications to the Ajax app on the driver’s smartphone and the Ajax PRO Desktop monitoring app at Portugalenses Transportes control center. To open the fuel tank at a gas station, the driver needs to disarm the system with the SpaceControl Jeweller keyfob or via the app, and arm it back when refuelling is done.

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Petrol cap
petrol cap and hub

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