Safer Pod S1

Safer Pod S1

Autonomous, mobile and accurate intrusion detection system based on detectors with a camera

Safer Security Group

Safer Security Group are specialists in temporary and remote site security, focusing on advanced technological solutions.

About the product

Safer Pod S1 continuously monitors the area around it, scanning for threats at a distance of up to 30 m. It is equipped with cutting-edge battery and solar technology, providing complete autonomous deployment all year round. 

If construction equipment is occasionally left at your facility overnight, you can install MotionCam Outdoor Jeweller on this equipment and connect it to the Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller with Safer Pod S1. This detector is installed in just a few minutes and is reliably connected with the hub. If an intruder enters the Safer Pod S1 control zone, a 113 dB StreetSiren Jeweller will sound. Also, the security service instantly receives a notification via Ajax app, and in 9 seconds — a photo from the scene.

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safer pod s1
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