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Hub 2 Jeweller

Hub 2 Jeweller

Security system control panel with support for photo verification
  • Hub 2 (4G)
  • Hub 2 (4G)

In control of security, not your private life

Hub 2 manages all the Ajax devices in the system to alert users about open doors, broken windows, threats of fire and flooding. If burglars break into your facility, Hub 2 will notify the monitoring station 1and send photos from the MotionCam detectors. You won’t need to live under the constant supervision of the security cameras to know what’s going on.

Data-rich notifications

Hassle-free installation

3 independent communication channels out of the box

Alarm photo verification in 9 seconds

Alarm photo verification in 9 seconds

With no threats to privacy
Flexible security management of the facility
9 groups
Flexible security management of the facility
Up to 16 hours of backup battery life

Up to 16 hours of backup battery life2

PRO anti-sabotage

PRO anti-sabotage

  • Tampers
  • Pings
  • Authentication

Jeweller and Wings radio communication



Security automation

OS Malevich

New features with every update

Alarm photo verification in 9 seconds

Hub 2 works with MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor motion detectors. When detectors are triggered, they take a series of photos. It helps to evaluate the situation at the facility. Visual verification helps you instantly assess the situation, relieving users of unnecessary anxiety, and security companies — from false calls of patrols.
Motion detected
Alarm triggered
Evidence captured
Alarm photo verification in 9 seconds

Always connected — via cable and cellular networks

Communication with the outside world is critical for the security system control panel. Its reliability and stability guarantee timely alarm transmission to the security company and users.

Hub 2 can be simultaneously connected to three Internet service providers — via Ethernet cable and 2G, 3G, and LTE 3 cellular networks. The automatic switching between channels takes seconds.
Always connected — via cable and cellular networks

Guaranteed delivery of alarms and visual alarm verifications

To ensure reliable communications, we have equipped Hub 2 with four antennas and support of two proprietary radio protocols: Jeweller and Wings. Jeweller is responsible for the transmission of commands, events, and alarms, while Wings provides batch transmission of images. Ajax two-way radio communication uses frames to synchronize device communication sessions, authentication to prevent fraud, and encryption to protect against data theft.
Alarm in
0.15 seconds
The first photo in
9 seconds 4

Flexibility at the core

The Hub 2 radio network covers several floors and separate buildings — thanks to the communication range of 2,000 meters and the ability to connect five range extenders. To manage access and security zoning of the facility, the hub allows connecting 50 users and creating 9 security groups. Hub 2 is a perfect choice for home and business security.
  • 9 security groups
  • 50 users
  • 100 devices in the system
  • 2000 m of radio communication range
  • 9 security groups
  • 50 users
  • 10 devices in the system
  • 2000 m of radio communication range
Flexibility at the core

Controlled with apps

We refrained from control buttons on the control panel body and archaic interfaces — apps are more convenient and reliable. They connect to a hub via a secure channel through the Ajax Cloud server located in several AWS data centres. Server availability in 2021 was 99.995%.

Apps allow system users with administrator rights to manage the security of the facility, change settings of the hub and the devices connected to it, create scenarios, and monitor events. From a smartphone or a PC. On the site and remotely.

Automates security

Hub 2 allows creating 32 scenarios and minimizing the impact of human factor on security. The hub can arm and disarm a facility or a group by schedule. Instantly activate a smoke machine if someone enters the premises. Blackout the premises and turn on emergency lighting in case of fire. Or shut off the water in case of a leak. Control lights, electric locks, roller shutters, and garage doors — by arming/disarming, button press, or a detector alarm.
  • Water
  • LeaksProtect
  • Relay
  • Electrovalve
  • Arming
  • Relay
  • Electric lock
  • Schedule
  • WallSwitch
  • Roller shutter
  • Schedule
  • WallSwitch
  • Roller shutter
  • MotionProtect Outdoor
  • WallSwitch
  • Outdoor lighting

Resistant to sabotage

Whatever happens to Hub 2, the security company and the users will be notified. No one can disconnect the hub unnoticed when the facility is disarmed. If an intruder attempts to dismount the device, this will trigger the tamper immediately. The Ajax Cloud server can notify about the loss of connection with the hub in 60 seconds due to frequent polling. Even if the building is de-energized, the hub will protect the object for up to 16 hours with a built-in backup battery.2
Resistant to sabotage
  • Devices polling from 12 s
  • Detection of hub connection loss in 60 s
  • 16 hours of backup battery life2


Hub 2 runs OS Malevich — a real-time operating system developed by Ajax Systems. OS Malevich is extremely stable, immune to viruses, and protected from cyberattacks. Modular architecture simplifies the constant upgrading of OS Malevich.

Hub receives new features several times a year with over-the-air updates. The update process is automatic and takes minutes when the security system is disarmed. The hardware configuration will allow Hub 2 to evolve and remain relevant for years to come.

Hassle-free installation

Hub 2 is ready to operate out of the box. All communication modules, power supply, and backup battery are already installed. To start setting up the system, you need to connect the device to the power supply and the Internet, insert the SIM cards, and scan the QR code through the app. With the SmartBracket mounting panel, there is no need to disassemble the device body during installation.

Connecting security devices, video cameras, users, testing the radio signal, creating groups and scenarios, even sending a request for connection to the CMS — all system settings are always available in the Ajax apps. Whether you are at the site or not.
Pairing with the system by a QR code
Installing on the SmartBracket mounting panel without disassembling the body
Setting in the app

Easy security system upgrade

To simplify updating hubs at the facilities, we have provided the ability to transfer data between them automatically. The import feature allows you to transfer settings, connected devices, groups, scenarios, and users from the old hub to Hub 2. In less than 15 minutes.

Which hub to choose?

1 If the hub is connected to the central monitoring station (CMS). Photos transfer to CMS only if the CMS software supports photo verification of alarms.
2 Up to 15 hours of Li-ion 3 A⋅h battery life for Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller when Ethernet connection is disabled. Up to 16 hours of Li-ion 2 A⋅h battery life for Hub 2 (2G) Jeweller when Ethernet connection is disabled. Learn more.
3 Only Hub (4G) model supports 3G and LTE networks.
4 The delivery time of one photo with 320×240 px resolution. Signal strength between hub and MotionCam is 2 or 3 bars. Hub is connected via Ethernet or LTE.

Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G) alarm control panel

Equipping residential and public buildings with automatic fire alarm systems is a mandatory safety requirement. The security system includes a set of devices with different purposes. Their main task is to detect illegal entry into a protected area or fire in the early stages of a fire. The basis of such systems is alarm control panels.

Types of control panels for alarm

Alarm panels control two states of one or more loops: "normal", corresponding to the standby and armed mode, and "alarm". The alarm mode is activated when there is an attempt to damage the security system devices, when the territory is entered, or when other pathogens of the connected sensors are detected. The disadvantages of such receiving and control panels are apparent; they are the impossibility of precise localization of operation and low information content. There are no such shortcomings in addressing signalling devices to protect the territory. They allow connecting about 100 alarm sensors to one two-wire line, depending on the type of control panel. The digital method of data transmission increases the information content of the alarm loop, which contributes to the reliability of the security system. Since the implementation of the address principle requires the use of microprocessor control, such control panels can create various types of security zones, organize the interaction with other types of executive devices and flexibly configure them. It is important to note that the compatibility of security sensors with the alarm control panel must be ensured when using addressable systems. Another type of control panel is wireless. Devices of this type are radio frequency receivers with various monitoring functions. Professional radio channel systems include a set of devices with a different package of options. For example, an alarm control and management centre can work with wired loops and at the same time support the interface connection of a radio receiver. In this case, the control panel only receives data and transmits it for further processing. This principle of operation allows you to create security systems of various capabilities and complexity, suitable for installation in private houses, summer cottages or apartments.

Setting up and mounting of the receiving panel

The installation of security system devices takes place following the rules, which provide for:
  • Even a minimal risk of unauthorized access to the alarm and the controls and switching devices.
  • Efficiency and reliability of the security system.
  • Fire and electrical safety.
To comply with standards, the control panel should be installed on non-combustible surfaces make connections to the electrical network with wires of the appropriate section with high-quality insulation. If the control panel design requires grounding, it should not be neglected. It is worth paying attention to the assembly and installation instructions attached to any device, and often have individual features for a particular type of equipment. To protect the devices during unguarded times, they should be mounted in spaces with limited access by unauthorized persons. Most burglar alarm devices are equipped with tamper-evident sensors so that the alarm control device itself can be permanently guarded.

Intelligent control panel Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G) for burglar alarms

The Ajax Hub 2 alarm control panel is a device for organizing a remote or autonomous alarm based on wireless detectors and other devices using 2 GSM SIM cards and an Ethernet network. The alarm control panel coordinates the operation of alarm system devices, immediately reports alarms, and provides automatic intelligent control of security processes. The Ajax security system with the connected central Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G) supports the maximum number of:
  • Work scenarios - 32.
  • Security groups for device control - 9.
  • Possible connected devices - 100.
  • Ajax ReX signal repeaters - 5.
  • There are 25 video cameras in the system.
  • Rooms under protection - 50.
  • The possible number of users is 50.
The body of the control panel is made of black or white plastic, which allows the device to be integrated into any interior. Power is supplied from an internal AC 110-240V power supply or a backup Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2 Ah.

Features of the control panel for alarm Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G)

Security system sensors detect the appearance of human movement, smoke, water, gas leaks, opening windows or doors. Third-party cameras are used for video surveillance. Alarm notifications are sent to users by push notifications, SMS or phone calls, and it is also possible to connect an alarm to the control panel of a security organization.

Redundant control panel communication channels

The Hub 2 GSM module supports two SIM cards. The use of cards from two different operators provides the control panel with communication even if one of the networks is lost - the second SIM card is activated automatically. Users of the Hub 2 signalling control panel have access to an uninterrupted internet connection, thanks to work with different Internet providers; cellular to connect to one, Ethernet to the other. Even if the service provider fails and the Ethernet connection is lost, Hub 2 will connect to the 2G or 4G network to access the Internet. If one carrier's coverage is lost, the hub will immediately switch to the second SIM card. Unlike video surveillance, Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G) can transmit photo confirmations even if the connection speed is only 0.5 Kbps over a 2G network and delivers a series of images to system users.

Secure communication with video cameras, sensors, signal repeaters

The Ajax Hub 2 alarm control panel receives information from sensors in encrypted form and runs on OS Malevich with protection against viruses and cyberattacks. The Hub continuously checks the health of the detector every 12-300 seconds using two-way communication. The check frequency is individually configurable. Ajax Hub 2 switches the signalling to other frequencies if signal jamming is detected. Hub is wholly protected from viruses at the software level. An Internet connection allows Ajax Hub 2 to communicate around the clock via an encrypted channel with the Ajax Cloud server. This principle of operation guarantees prompt receipt of updates, secure access to the device, storage of its settings.

Photo verification of alarms

A distinctive feature of Ajax Hub 2 from the Hub and Hub Plus control panels is the expansion of opportunities for transmitting visual information and connecting Ajax MotionCam motion sensors with a built-in camera thanks to the Wings radio protocol. MotionCam provides the system user with an animated series of 1-5 photos, which he will receive in less than 9 seconds after detecting and triggering the sensor. Thanks to the Wings radio protocol, photo verification is guaranteed even with an unstable signal and communication interruptions - built-in algorithms recheck and reload packets, and the reliability of the communication channel is increased thanks to the use of a dedicated control panel antenna. When an alarm is detected, the alarm sensor can take up to three pictures at 640x480 or up to 5 images at 320x240, depending on the settings. The Ajax application reproduces the photo in animation, providing information in dynamics for a correct assessment of the situation. The infrared illumination of the camera provides good visibility even in the dark and is activated only on alarm. Snapshots can be saved all at once as a series of photos or MP4 videos or individually.

Installation and configuration of the control panel Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G)

Ajax Hub 2 is mounted on the SmartBracket mount, and the built-in power supply allows you to connect the device directly to the mains without installing an outlet. Alarm sensors are connected through a free phone app after reading the QR code on the device. The detectors are installed in a line-of-sight zone up to 2 km or within several building floors. Ajax's sensors work without recharging for up to 7 years, taking every minute pings to check the performance of devices.

Hub 2 (2G or 4G) Control Panel Package Contents

  1. Control panel Ajax Hub 2 (2G or 4G).
  2. Ethernet cable.
  3. Power cable.
  4. GSM starter package with SIM card.
  5. Mounting kit.
  6. Instructions for use.

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