Anti-vandal protection of security devices

Anti-vandal protection of security devices

A metal anti-vandal covers to protect security system devices from mechanical damage

Arma Detect

A provider of full-cycle vandal-proofing services for security systems

About the product

The metal anti-vandal covers provide robust protection for Ajax security and automation devices in public spaces. They prevent physical damage and unauthorized interference and make it impossible to dismantle devices quickly, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the devices. 

The value of metal anti-vandal covers lies in their durability and precision engineering. The covers are made from chemically resistant stainless steel and certified. They protect Ajax devices like motion, leak, fire, air quality detectors or smart buttons, with each cover tailored to fit every design detail perfectly.

This solution is ideal for a wide range of environments. For outdoor use, the covers provide enhanced protection for devices in playgrounds, streets, parks, and other public areas. Indoors, they are perfect for healthcare facilities, gyms, schools, building entrances, and elevators. 

The covers have proven effective within the Safe school project in Kyiv, where 1,400 MotionProtect Curtain Jeweller devices were installed in Arma Detect covers in 433 schools. They aimed to prevent highly probable accidental damage to the devices by students during classes in school gyms.


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