Ajax is integrated with Bykom monitoring software

Ajax is integrated with Bykom monitoring software

Ajax takes another important step in expanding within Latin America by integrating with Bykom. From now on, the Bykom software can receive photo verifications from the wireless MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors, optimizing monitoring management.

How it works

Ajax devices are connected to Bykom monitoring software via Ajax Translator, which receives events from Ajax hubs. Translator decrypts and converts events into the SIA (DC-09) protocol format and sends them directly to Bykom.

The integration supports not only events but also photo verification of alarms and user geolocation: once the user presses the panic button in Ajax apps, Bykom monitoring software receives exact coordinates to react to a dangerous situation.

All these features are available without any additional physical receiver with Ajax Translator 1.14.4 (and higher), Bykom monitoring software 2.2.0 (and higher), and Bykom IoT.

This integration represents a major step, since it emerges from a demand of the local market itself. Now, monitoring stations can connect Ajax devices with Bykom software to keep growing and expanding their services with an innovative and completely disruptive proposal.

Felipe Hoyos

Technical Director (Latam), Ajax Systems

We are really happy to be able to work as a team with a company as prestigious as Ajax. We see and respect the work they have been doing, and we are supporting it with joint actions. By integrating ByKom and Ajax we are enhancing both platforms (monitoring and CCTV) while adding value to the electronic security market, as we establish a partnership strengthening the entire industry.

Diego Cacciolato

Commercial Director, BYKOM S.A.

Monitoring software developers are actively integrating Ajax features worldwide. Ajax Systems has already partnered with MASXML, Listener, Kronos, Segurithor, and many others. Find a complete list at the link.

Fill out the form if you want to integrate photo verification or transmission of the in-app panic button coordinates with your CMS.

About Bykom

Bykom, based in Mar de Plata, Argentina, was established in 2001 to meet the demand of a very specific market such as alarm monitoring, which required professional solutions to properly, efficiently and globally manage its business. After years of sustained growth, today, Bykom offers its services across Latin America and Europe with a solution designed for central monitoring stations, video verification and/or emergency support.

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About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is the largest manufacturer of security systems in Europe. The company’s global success has been primarily driven by its innovations, namely proprietary technologies like Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich. The product line includes more than 70 wireless and wired devices for ultimate indoor and outdoor security. Currently, Ajax protects over 1.8 million users in 169 countries.

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