Ajax Systems, in collaboration with Yale announced a groundbreaking integration solution aimed to enhance security. This partnership aims to further solidify our longstanding reputation and trusted brand presence in the European market.

Instant control and extra settings

Before adding a Yale smart lock to an Ajax system, you need to add it to the Yale app and pair it with the Yale Connect Bridge. The Yale Connect Bridge is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, allowing users to manage the lock, check its status, and receive instant notifications in the Yale app. After adding to an Ajax system, you can manage and automate a Yale smart lock directly from the Ajax app. Fast communication ensures a seamless user experience.

Real-time status notifications

The moment there is a change in the status of your Yale smart lock, the Ajax app will send an instant notification directly to your smartphone. Whether it’s a lock or unlock event or an unauthorized access attempt, you’ll know about it. Users also can check event history: Ajax apps store a detailed log available anytime.

Easy management through the Ajax app

You can manage permissions and control access to the lock for all users of the security system, including professional installers and your security monitoring company.

Automation scenarios

The lock can trigger an automation scenario in the system as well as run commands. For example, when you open the lock, the security system is disarmed. When you close the lock, light indicators show it’s armed, and the water supply is turned off.
Now, Ajax control and automation are available with the most Wi-Fi-enabled Yale smart locks (including, but not limited to, widespread models like Linus and Doorman):

Boon for installers: how Ajax and Yale provide opportunities

The seamless integration between Yale smart locks and the Ajax app helps installers save time during installation. Also, partners can gain a lot by reaching more customers and offering them ready-made security solutions that are all connected together.

In 2028, the smart lock industry is expected to become twice as valuable, reaching $5 billion. This increase doesn’t just show that more people want smart locks; it also reflects the changing security needs of both homeowners and businesses.

Global rollout

For now, the integration journey begins in Europe. The Yale integration is being launched in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, but Ajax Systems has a big plan for the whole world. The Yale–Ajax team knows that there is widespread demand for reliable smart home security. That’s why consideration is being given to the United States and Canada next because of their growing markets for smart homes.

Integration with Yale Home operates across the EMEA region. There are no technical restrictions to adding a Yale smart lock to the Ajax system in other countries. However, only in the above countries we can guarantee:
  • Full compatibility with locks that are officially available in a particular market.
  • Full support of the integration by Yale Home customer support team.

👉 How to add a Yale smart lock to the Ajax system