Ajax photo verification is integrated into the Orbitand ORS monitoring platform

Ajax photo verification is integrated into the Orbitand ORS monitoring platform

Orbitand‘s ORS monitoring software now supports receiving events from Ajax security systems, as well as motion detector frames from Ajax MotionCam and user coordinates when the panic button is pressed from the Ajax mobile app.

How it works

Ajax devices connect to the Orbitand Replication Service (ORS) monitoring software through Ajax Translator, which receives events from Ajax hubs. Translator decrypts and converts events to the SIA (DC-09) protocol in ADM-CID format, and sends them directly to ORS.

In addition, Orbitand has developed an add-on through the Ajax Enterprise API, which allows for remote arming/disarming commands to Ajax control panels through buttons in the customized ORS mobile app.

All of these functionalities are available without the need for any physical receiver with Ajax Translator 1.14.4 (or higher), ORS (web platform) and ORS mobile app V 1.3.0 (or higher).

This integration allows existing and potential users in Colombia to take full advantage of Ajax Systems technologies. Now, all monitoring companies can work together with Orbitand software and Ajax systems, offering their customers the best user experience as well as a wide range of innovative security and comfort solutions.

Felipe Hoyos

Technical Director (LATAM), Ajax Systems

We can now offer our clients the ability to connect Ajax devices to our ORS software, also allowing for arming and disarming control from our customized mobile app. This opens up new possibilities for many alarm centers in the region. We believe this is a good start to carrying out more projects together in the future and expanding our market by developing successful system integrations with our customers and partners.

Alexander Rojas

CEO, Orbitand

About Orbitand

Orbitand S.A.S. based in Medellin, Colombia, is the result of over 18 years of experience in projects, integrations, and upgrades to cutting-edge technologies in security companies. Orbitand offers monitoring center implementations, technical support, projects, maintenance, and installation of security systems, and specialized app development as part of its service portfolio.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is an international technology company and the largest developer and manufacturer of home security systems in Europe. The company’s global success has been driven primarily by its innovations, especially patented technologies such as Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich. The product line consists of over 70 wireless and wired devices for indoor and outdoor use, ensuring maximum security. Currently, Ajax protects over 1.8 million users in 169 countries.

Monitoring software developers are actively integrating Ajax functionalities worldwide. Ajax Systems is already partnered with MASXML, SoftGuard, Kronos, Bykom, and many others. Find the complete list here.

Complete the form if you wish to integrate photo verification or panic button coordinate transmission in the Ajax app with your CMS.

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