Enterprise API — an Interface for Integrating Ajax Products with Third‑Party Services and Applications

Enterprise API — an Interface for Integrating Ajax Products with Third‑Party Services and Applications

The home security market is growing rapidly. People want to be sure that their loved ones and their homes are protected, and they know that this confidence can be provided by a reliable security system and console monitoring. The trend opens up great opportunities for scaling the business of security and service companies — these are millions of new customers and facilities that are attractive from the security point of view. Especially if the correct equipment is used that is quickly mounted and customized, easily connected to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS), and requires minimal maintenance. The Ajax system fits these requirements perfectly.

We are increasingly frequently asked by large companies to build integrated security services based on the Ajax products. They think in terms of thousands of facilities and they are ready to adapt and develop their IT infrastructure in order to make the most of the features the Ajax systems have to offer. We have created the Enterprise API interface for the implementation of such projects.

Who can access the Enterprise API

We provide access to the Enterprise API to large security and service companies already serving or planning to serve thousands of Ajax security systems. Such companies have developed IT infrastructure and resources to ensure the integration of our products as well as understanding that the company accepts responsibility for ensuring positive experience associated with the use of the Ajax security systems.

What features does the Enterprise API provide

The Enterprise API allows you to handle all the security information available in the Ajax applications:

  • Parameters and settings of the hub that manages the system and devices connected to it.
  • Rooms and security groups.
  • Security system users and their rights.
  • Events feed.
  • The security mode of the security system.
  • The states of power management devices.
  • The streams of surveillance cameras.

By using the Enterprise API, the company can control Ajax security systems through its services and applications as well as ensure the interaction of our devices with third‑party equipment. The Ajax system data can be used for analytics and cost optimization by businesses and customers. Integration with CRM systems and billing procedures is feasible along with implementation of additional services: means of operative communication of the customer with the operator, personal protection services, automation of routine operations, and receiving maintenance reports. Meanwhile, the company can use free Ajax applications:

  • Ajax Security System is a mobile user application that manages the security system and notifies of the events.
  • Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers is a mobile app for installers and engineers of security companies allowing to administer thousands of security systems.
  • Ajax PRO Desktop is a desktop app for installers, engineers, and operators of Central Monitoring Stations allowing you to administer and maintain security systems and handle their alarms.

Enterprise API usage examples

  1. A German company providing an integrated service for the protection of apartments and houses: protection against forced entry and fire, video surveillance, and instant communication with the operator of the CMS (via a special device). With the help of the Enterprise API, the functionality of the Ajax Security System application is integrated into the company’s client application complementing the features of viewing the archive of video cameras, connecting and paying for security services. For the installation and administration of security systems, security company employees use the following Ajax PRO applications: Tool for Engineers and Ajax PRO Desktop.
  2. A Ukrainian security company provides equipment for use by customers. The Enterprise API enables the integration with the billing and automatic disabling of the feasibility to activate security system when the service is not paid for. Customers use the Ajax Security System to manage Ajax.
  3. A Swedish service company provides a collective security service — it informs customers about a burglary, fire or flooding in the apartment (house) next door as well as the pressing of the alarm button by a neighbour. The Enterprise API communicates the event‑related information and the Ajax security system user contact information to their software.
  4. A Ukrainian service company serves residential compounds; its web application allows residents to order services, pay bills, and vote for initiatives. Thanks to the Enterprise API, the residents can order the apartment security service for a certain period of time via the application. For example, when being away on vacation. When the service is disabled, the residents can use the Ajax system for self‑monitoring via the Ajax Security System application.
  5. A Czech service company forwards the alarms of the security systems to the police and the fire service, and also communicates with residents in the event of an incident over the phone. The Enterprise API allows the company’s software to receive events and contacts of the security system users from the Ajax Cloud server.

How to access Enterprise API

Required information, technical documents as well as access to the Enterprise API interface is available upon request of the security or service company. If you are interested in making the most of the features of the Ajax products, fill out the form: