Conlan bypass keypad

Conlan bypass keypad

Bypass keypad

Conlan ApS

Leading manufacturer of code keypads, chips, Bluetooth cards and fingerprint readers.

About the product

The Conlan bypass keypad is designed to activate an entry/exit delay before the system is disarmed using the main keypad — both at the software and hardware level. Bypass technology provides temporary deactivation of security detectors, such as DoorProtect and others. This allows users to get more time from the moment they enter an area until they can disarm the system with the main control device (KeyPad TouchScreen).

Bypass keypad can be installed both indoors and outdoors. To connect Conlan bypass keypad to the Ajax system, you can use MultiTransmitter. Integration is available for all systems with OS Malevich 2.16 version or later. With the Conlan solution, the Ajax system will meet the security requirements of the Danish Insurance Association (F&P) for levels 30 and 40, which is especially important for the Danish market.


conlan outdoor wall
conlan keypad
conlan outdoor
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