MultiTransmitter Jeweller

MultiTransmitter Jeweller

Module for connecting wired alarm to Ajax and managing security via the app

The second life of an old wired alarm

We understand how difficult it is to decide on a wired alarm upgrade. It is a common situation when your system is still capable of protecting your property but is clearly outdated. Renovating with Ajax doesn't force you to leave behind the current equipment. It gives you a chance to build modern complex security based on existing wired equipment.

Discover MultiTransmitter Jeweller

Introducing module for connecting wired alarm to Ajax and managing security via the app

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Security via smartphone

With MultiTransmitter, system users get security control via app, data-rich notifications, and automation scenarios. An installer can set up the system or device in the PRO-app, both while on-site and remotely.

Security via smartphone

More Ajax features

Perimeter IR detectors, household gas sensors, thermostats, float sensors, keypads, and other devices are ready to expand the Ajax areas of use. Connect them to a hub via MultiTransmitter and manage the combined security system in the Ajax app.

More Ajax features

Multitasking in a single body

Backup battery

Rails for fixing the backup battery 4 or 7 Ah(1)

3 power lines

3 power lines for fire and intrusion detectors

18 zones for connecting devices

18 zones for connecting devices NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL, 3EOL(2)

Sabotage-proof body

Sabotage-proof body, tampers for opening and tearing of the surface

Less hassle with automated security

Use automation scenarios so that the security system instantly responds to threats without waiting for police. Ajax will be armed by schedule, turn on the light by the alarm of a motion detector, switch off the potential cause of ignition at the first sign of fire. With MultiTransmitter, an old alarm system becomes part of a safe and smart home.

Automated security

Data-rich alarms

With MultiTransmitter, you can specify the device name, the type of alarm, and a room for each wired device. This makes notifications more informative — you know not just what happened but where. This information is displayed using push notification, SMS, and is also sent to the security company's monitoring station using an appropriate code. Numerous event types are available: intrusion, fire, auxiliary alarm, panic button, gas alarm, malfunction, leakage, etc.

Data-rich alarms
Unique wireless technology


Unique wireless technology

MultiTransmitter communicates with a hub via an encrypted Jeweller radio protocol. This is a TDMA technology developed by Ajax Systems for uninterrupted communication with devices. Jeweller detects jamming attempts, switches to the backup frequencies in case of interference, and allows Ajax wireless devices to run on battery power for years.

Up to 1,100 m of radio communication with a hub

Encrypted two-way radio communication

Notifications about jamming and connection loss

Security without barriers

When using radio signal range extenders, Ajax security system's radio network can cover up to 35 km2. But if some rooms are impermeable to radio waves, connecting wired devices via MultiTransmitter is the best solution. The length of wires can reach 400 meters.

Security without barriers

Protected against sabotage

MultiTransmitter will inform you instantly if the connected devices have been interrupted with short circuit, disconnection of the signal cable, or tampering alarm. Electricity loss at the site will not be a problem either — the backup battery can provide power to devices for up to 4 days. MultiTransmitter body itself is equipped with two tampers that respond to removal of the integration module from the surface and removal of the lid.

Instant connection loss detection with wired device (EOL)

Free space in the body for a backup battery 7 Ah

2 tampers that detect dismounting and opening of the body

Security without barriers

Made by professionals for professionals

We made sure that the installation and setup process does not require any extra time or effort. Like other Ajax devices, MultiTransmitter connects to a hub in the app by scanning a QR-code. When connecting wired devices, you don't need to know the resistors' resistance values. The system will also warn you if a device was not connected correctly.


Adding to the system via QR-code

Mounting on a wall

Wired devices connection

Configuring in the app

  1. 1 — The battery is not included in the MultiTransmitter kit and is sold separately.
  2. 2 — 2EOL and 3EOL connections are only available for MultiTransmitter Jeweller with firmware version 2.13.0 and higher. The integration module should be connected to Hub Plus Jeweller, Hub 2 (2G) Jeweller, Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller, Hub 2 Plus Jeweller, Hub Hybrid (2G) or Hub Hybrid (4G) with the OS Malevich 2.13 firmware version and higher.

Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.

Integration module Ajax MultiTransmitter for security system

Advanced security systems require the use of modern communication devices to perform complex tasks and provide the user with a high level of protection. If the alarm system is outdated, it needs to be updated. It is unnecessary to replace all alarm devices and change many wires completely. Several Ajax devices can be added to the security system, transforming the old system into a new generation of burglar alarms, convenient control from the user's mobile phone, and advanced security technologies. The Ajax MultiTransmitter integration module, which operates at 868.0-868.6 MHz and has 18 alarm zones, is used to add third-party wired sensors to the Ajax wireless control panel. The radio integration module interacts with the intelligent control panel in an open area without obstacles at a distance of up to 2000 meters and indoors - between several floors. The broadcast signal is protected by encryption for the secure transmission of information. To check the operability of the transmitter, the control panel conducts a poll of the device every 12-300 seconds. The frequency is adjusted by the user individually. The power supply of the integration module for the alarm system comes from the 100-240 V AC network. The transmitter can operate autonomously from the backup battery for 12 V for four days. In addition, the integration radio module can provide 12 V power to the system sensors. The transmitter board has terminals for connecting alarm zones and powering fire sensors.

Purpose of the integrated radio module for Ajax MultiTransmitter signalling

MultiTransmitter can transform wired alarms into a modern and reliable security system with the ability to control it through a mobile application and replace the old control panel. The Ajax alarm transmitter connects third-party wired devices to Ajax's security system. Together with other Ajax devices, the MultiTransmitter integration module increases comfort and safety and ensures the reliable operation of fire and burglar alarms and intelligent home systems.

Features of the Ajax MultiTransmitter integration module

The radio network of the Ajax alarm system is capable of covering up to 35 km² using ReX signal repeaters. And if some rooms are impervious to radio waves, the MultiTransmitter wireless integration module will be the best solution for adding wired sensors to the system. The Ajax wireless transmitter is connected to the alarm control panel (Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus) via the Jeweler radio protocol. The alarm signal from the sensor connected by NC / NO contacts (supports contact types NO, NC (without R), EOL (NC with R), EOL (NO with R) is transmitted directly to the intelligent control panel. The wireless alarm module can be integrated with outdoor or indoor detectors of vibration, movement, glass breakage, opening, thermal relays, IR barriers, gas and water leak sensors, and other third-party security devices, which will turn them into full-fledged system devices Ajax security. All 18 wired zones can be configured in the Ajax mobile application. The sensors connected to the zones can work around the clock in security mode with a delay on entry or exit and, if necessary, participate in automation scenarios and activate sirens. The maximum length of the wired connection of the detector by cable is up to 400 m. The radio integration module can be a power source for the connected device - 12 V DC up to 1 A for all power outputs of the detectors. If the connection to the wired device is lost, the user alarm will be notified immediately. The MultiTransmitter wireless integration module is configured and tested in the Ajax mobile application. Connection to the security system occurs after scanning the QR code on the device's body. When connecting wired devices, you do not need to know the resistance value of the resistors. And if the device is misconnected, the security system will warn you of an error. All notifications and alarms are sent to the alarm holder's phone via SMS or push notifications. There are five types of alarms: fire alarm, gas alarm, intrusion, auxiliary care, alarm button. You can set the alarm type and room for each wired device. This information is indicated in the notification in the application and is also sent to the security company's console under the appropriate code. This increases the informativeness of the messages, as the user will know exactly where and what happened.

Protection of the Ajax MultiTransmitter integration radio module from external interference

The control panel receives information from the Ajax transmitter in encrypted form by the AES algorithm. In case of signal interruptions, it is immediately notified and switches to free frequencies. Thanks to Jeweler radio technology, instant sending of those protected from interception, jamming, interference, and substitution of alarms are provided. To prevent the device from being disassembled or damaged by malicious users, there are two tampers on the housing of the wireless integration module, which respond with an alarm to an attempt to remove the module from the mounts or damage the housing.