Solutions for educational institutions

Why Ajax

Installation without interrupting classes

Ajax wireless security systems can be mounted and configured quickly and effortlessly — avoid messy construction work or disruptions to classes.

Protection for a facility of any size

Up to 2,000 m of communication range between a control panel and devices connected to it makes Ajax security systems suitable for protecting facilities of any size. Range extenders ensure reliable signal even in multi-story buildings or annexes on the premises.

User-friendly Ajax apps and control devices

Ajax apps and such control devices as keypads and key fobs are intuitive and easy to use. Any staff member can master using them in minutes.

Access rights flexibility

Ajax security system allows dividing a facility into separate security groups with different access levels and scenarios. Appointed staff members can disarm one group while others remain protected.

Fortify any facility







Training center

Training center

Solve any challenge

Intrusion protection

Ajax indoor and outdoor security solutions are easy to install and quickly deploy robust protection for the premises of any scale. Also, Ajax wired and wireless security solutions are certified and comply with the most demanding international standards. The system integrates into more than 3,500 ARC worldwide and provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional physical guarding.

Wireless indoor and outdoor security solutions

Wired indoor solutions with Grade 3 certification

push of a panic button

Instant alarm at a push of a panic button

safe use in public spaces

Additional sabotage protection for safe use in public spaces

protection of buildings with large windows

Protection of buildings with large windows

Video surveillance

High-speed video streaming technology delivers exceptional image quality with smooth video archive navigation. The cloud infrastructure of Ajax video surveillance products provides instant remote access to the stream. To ensure data privacy, access to the archive and streams is available through Ajax apps to trusted accounts only.

Easy video surveillance integration

Secure and instant data transmission

video wall

Customization of video wall for simultaneous monitoring of up to 220 streams


Smooth archive search: calendar view and filters by motion or scenario

Instant photo and video verification

Instant photo and video verification of alarms in high resolution

Water leak prevention

A miniature leak detector instantly detects water leakage. A shutoff valve is easy to integrate into a plumbing system. In case of an alarm, the system automatically shuts water off in up to 7 seconds, preventing damage to the site and assets. All devices are addressable so that a plumber knows where to find the problem. An Ajax hub can control up to 200 water leak detectors and shutoff valves and supports 64 automation scenarios, which makes the Ajax system a reliable solution for facilities of all sizes.

Compatible with cold and hot water pipes

Up to 3 years of fully autonomous operation with pre-installed batteries

Water shutoff

Water shutoff is triggered by an alarm, scenario, via Ajax apps or manually

Hassle-free integration

Hassle-free integration into a current plumbing system

The anti-sabotage mount locker

The anti-sabotage mount locker prevents unauthorized dismantling of the electric actuator

Comfort & Productivity

Ajax devices for comfort and productivity create an unparalleled level of control. Smart relays, outlets, and switches provide remote in-app control over appliances and lighting and effective management thanks to programmable scenarios. Air quality monitors provide temperature and humidity readings with medical-grade accuracy to maintain the required microclimate in classrooms.

Air quality monitoring in Ajax apps

Remote control of lighting and power supply

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring in classrooms

Control over energy efficiency at facilities

Control over energy efficiency at facilities

Setup of scenarios that takes a few minutes

Temperature and humidity monitoring at the buildings under renovation


Build your own security

Use a configurator to create a custom kit of Ajax devices that will cover your request

Customer stories

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Alliance Française, Cuenca

Guarding campus against intrusion and fire

How Ajax secures the French institute center in Ecuador

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Ajax Systems

Cost saving microclimate

How Ajax Systems saved over $1 million providing ventilation control with LifeQuality

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Mariupol City Council

Investing in security

How the city provided 114 educational institutions with professional security and recouped the investment in six months

More Ajax superpowers

Extra benefits that come in handy in securing educational facilities

Comprehensive security and automation solution

Comprehensive security and automation solution

The Ajax system is a comprehensive solution for intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, flood prevention, as well as comfort and productivity. It’s designed to be user-friendly and efficient, providing a high level of security for any facility.

Easy monitoring of multiple sites

Easy monitoring of multiple sites

PRO Desktop is available to all professionals, be they a security company or facility admin unit. Remote configuration, facility profiling, alarm monitoring, photo verification, and detailed event log — dozens of objects can be monitored in one intuitive interface.

Informative notifications and detailed event log

Informative notifications and detailed event log

The system instantly notifies about events or malfunctions in Ajax apps and sends informative push notifications with the device name, time, and event description. Notification settings can be customized for each user. The app's event log stores up to 500 recent events.

Easy scalability for any needs

Easy scalability for any needs

The Ajax system is designed for easy scalability. Hubs support up to 200 devices, and new devices can be added at any time. Such flexibility makes the Ajax system suitable for facilities of all sizes.

Ajax project

Implement a similar project

Authorized Ajax partners are ready to develop a customized security solution for your facility. Leave your contact details to request a quote.


Which educational institutions require security measures

When it comes to protecting educational institutions, every establishment is equally critical. Security services are essential for the following types of educational facilities:

  • Preschool facilities (kindergartens, child development centers).
  • General educational institutions (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums).
  • Out-of-school institutions (sports clubs, art and music schools, etc.).
  • Higher and secondary vocational education (technical schools, colleges, institutes, universities).
  • Adult education institutions (educational centers, advanced training centers, vocational training courses, international business schools).

How can educational institutions ensure the safety of students and staff

Educational institutions can ensure safety by implementing comprehensive security measures such as security systems, video surveillance cameras, emergency response plans, and regular security assessments. It’s also essential to train staff and students in emergency procedures and foster a culture of vigilance.

What security measures are recommended for schools and universities

Recommended security measures include controlled access points, visitor management systems, intrusion protection, security patrols, and emergency communication systems. Additionally, installing panic buttons in classrooms and investing in school video surveillance can enhance safety.

What emergency response protocols should be in place for educational institutions

Emergency response protocols should include procedures for lockdowns, evacuations, medical emergencies, and natural disasters. Additionally, regular drills, training for staff and students, and establishing communication channels with local emergency services are essential for effective emergency preparedness.

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