Quick start to protecting a home

The StarterKit includes everything you need for full protection. High-precision sensors monitor what's happening indoors, and a powerful hub instantly broadcasts a signal to your smartphone and the off-site surveillance center at the first signs of a break-in.
The starter kit for the Ajax security system
The advanced starter kit

The system's brain

All Ajax detectors are connected to the Hub. It increases the capabilities of the devices, controls their operation, and sends alarm messages to the owner or to the Central Monitoring Station.
Intelligent security control panel
Intelligent security control panel with Wi-Fi, 3G, and dual SIM

Intrusion protection

The security detectors detect motion in the room, when windows and doors are opened, and registers when glass is broken. It is mounted on a base made of any material.
Wireless pet immune motion detector
Wireless pet immune motion detector with microwave sensor
Wireless motion and glass break detector with pet immunity
Wireless magnetic opening detector
Wireless magnetic opening detector with shock and tilt sensor
Wireless glass break detector
Wireless outdoor curtain motion detector with anti-masking and pet immunity
Wireless outdoor motion detector with anti-masking and pet immunity

Fire protection

The detectors have a built-in siren and accurately detect smoke, fire and dangerous carbon monoxide levels in a room. It is mounted on the ceiling and controlled by a smartphone.
Wireless smoke & heat detector with sounder
Wireless smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detector with sounder

Flood protection

The detectors recognize burst pipes and washing machine or dishwasher leaks. They can be installed in just one minute without using tools.
Wireless flood detector


The keypads and key fobs are used to control the security system and immediately send an alarm signal when the alarm button is pressed.
Two-way wireless key fob with panic button
Two-way wireless keypad


Indoor and outdoor sound alarms. The devices issue a loud alarm to attract the attention of neighbors and deter intruders.
Wireless indoor siren
Wireless outdoor siren with vandalism resistance


A relay for remotely switching on/off household appliances, opening/closing electric locks, gates and roller blinds. It is installed into a wall plate, electric switchboard or junction box.
Wireless smart plug with energy monitor
Wireless power relay with energy monitor
Wireless low-tension dry contact relay

Integration modules

Devices for integrating third-party detectors into the Ajax system and for Ajax detectors to operate as part of wired alarm or smart home systems.
Module for Ajax device integration with third-party wireless security and smart home systems
Module for Ajax device integration with third-party wired and hybrid security systems
Module for third-party detector integration

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