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Why Ajax

Fast setup for fast start of operations

Ajax wired and wireless security solutions make an office ready to operate safely within days. Installing the wired solution does not interfere with business or require closing the site.

No delays in response to threats

Ajax security systems combined with automation devices offer active protection against safety threats. Automatic control of lights and gates/doors ensures an immediate reaction to a fire or intrusion.

Quick-to-adopt access management

Access to the office and assets can be easily managed via intuitive Ajax apps and keyboards with contactless cards, tags, and smartphones. The team will adopt a new habit of safety within minutes.

Enhanced control over access and security

An Ajax system allows for splitting an office into independent groups and assigning staff roles. Arm or limit access to a server room, warehouse with expensive equipment, or accounting office.

Fortify any facility



Dental clinic

Dental clinic





Solving any challenge

Intrusion protection

Easy-to-install indoor and outdoor Ajax security system devices ensure the protection of any site, be it a small dental clinic or a large office building. Also, Ajax wired and wireless security solutions are certified and comply with the most demanding international and local standards. They qualify to satisfy insurance requirements and observe safety protocols in the workplace.

Wireless indoor and outdoor solutions

Wired indoor solutions with Grade 3 certification

verification of alarms

Photo and video verification to filter out false alarms

Third party devices

A possibility to renovate without leaving the current equipment behind


Instant alarm at the push of a panic button

Video surveillance

The cloud infrastructure of Ajax video surveillance products provides unparalleled system response speed and ensures instant access to a video archive. Access to the archive and streams is provided through Ajax apps to trusted accounts only. Accounts can be secured with either a password or biometrics. Two-factor authentication and session control are also available.

Easy video surveillance integration

Secure and instant data transmission


Customization of video wall for simultaneous monitoring of up to 220 streams


AI recognition of people and vehicles entering the premises


Smooth archive search: calendar view and filters by motion or scenario

Water leak prevention

An Ajax hub controls up to 200 water leak detectors and shutoff valves, supporting 64 automation scenarios. The detectors can be put anywhere and trigger alarm with the first drops. The valve shuts water off in up to 7 seconds and prevents damage to the site and equipment. Notifications about the location of the leak allow fixing it fast and without disruptions to business operations.

Compatible with cold and hot water pipes

Up to 3 years of fully autonomous operation with pre-installed batteries


Hassle-free integration with a current plumbing system


Precise detection and elimination of flooding in a matter of seconds

Hassle-free integration

Anti-sabotage locker secures electric actuator, preventing unauthorized removal

Comfort & Productivity

Ajax automation devices offer an unparalleled level of control over office space. Air quality monitors provide temperature, CO₂, and humidity readings to maintain the required microclimate in the workplace and support the team’s concentration levels. Smart relays, outlets, and switches provide control over appliances, ventilation, lighting, and associated costs.

It takes only 2 minutes to create and set up a scenario. Remotely or on-site

Air quality monitoring available in Ajax apps


Remote monitoring and control of power consumption at the office


Immediate unlocking of emergency exits in the building after a fire alarm


Comprehensive monitoring of microclimate at large facilities


Build your own security

Use the configurator to create a custom kit of Ajax devices that will cover your request

Customer stories

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TDC clinic

Caring of health and security

How Ajax Systems made a dental clinic protected like a fortress and automated like a smart home

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Ajax Systems

Cost saving microclimate

How Ajax Systems saved over $1 million providing ventilation control with LifeQuality

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Alliance Française

Guarding campus against intrusion and fire

How Ajax secures students and staff of the large-scale the French cultural center in Ecuador

More Ajax superpowers

Extra benefits that come in handy in protecting office spaces

Instant and informative notifications

Instant and informative notifications

Receive instant push notifications about alarms and events from Ajax apps with the device name, time, and description. Notification settings can be customized for each user. The app's event log stores up to 500 recent events and is available to trusted users only.

Cost-effective upgrade of existing security solutions

Cost-effective upgrade of existing security solutions

Build a modern complex security ecosystem based on current wired hardware thanks to the modules for connecting third-party devices to Ajax. Lower renovation costs and embrace the future — manage security in an app on-site or remotely, use automation scenarios, limit or grant access, and more.

Smooth integration with the current office management tools

Smooth integration with the current office management tools

With Enterprise API, integrate innovative Ajax solutions in the existing smart office software or rental facilities management tools. Make security adapted to the business and staff requirements and optimize site operation processes.

Automated and intuitive management of safety threats

Automated and intuitive management of safety threats

Turn an office into a safe environment for the team and business operations with Ajax solutions. We cover security and comfort, fire safety, leak prevention, and video surveillance. Manage the site effortlessly thanks to seamless integration, automation, and intuitive Ajax apps.

Ajax project

Implement a similar project

Authorized Ajax partners are ready to develop a customized security solution for your facility. Leave your contact details to request a quote.


What is an office security

Workplace security means keeping people, assets, and information safe from harm, both in the real world and online. This includes protection against theft, violence, vandalism, cyberattacks, and data breaches.

What security challenges do office buildings face

Office buildings face security challenges such as unauthorized access, theft of sensitive data, workplace violence, and emergency preparedness. Addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted approach via the implementation of a comprehensive security system, access control, cybersecurity, and risk management.

How to enhance security in office buildings

It is possible to enhance security in office buildings while maintaining employee convenience and productivity by implementing user-friendly security solutions and fostering a culture of security awareness. Providing flexible work arrangements, ergonomic access control devices, and streamlined security processes can contribute to a positive workplace environment.

How to secure an office building

Establish a security perimeter using fences or walls. Place physical barriers, such as turnstiles, at access points. Install weapon detection systems at significant entry points. Maintain a logbook to record the names, entry/exit times, and signatures of visitors and occupants. Install video surveillance, at least at the entry points.

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