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Why Ajax

Effortless setup with further scalability

Ajax wireless and wired security solutions can be installed within hours. The security system is easily scalable, allowing growth and the integration of new devices with additional functionality as needed.

Professional multi-object monitoring made simple

PRO Desktop app for installation/monitoring business, and all professionals working with Ajax system. Remote configuration, alarm monitoring, event log — one interface for dozens of objects.

Informative notifications and detailed event log

The system instantly notifies about alarms with informative push notifications in Ajax apps with the device name, time, and event description. The app's event log stores up to 500 recent events.

Easy access management

Ajax system enables assigning staff roles and controlling their access remotely. Security managers modify employee roles, deactivate accounts, set keypad, personal or codes for unregistered users.

Fortify any facility



Electronics store

Electronics store



Jewelry store

Jewelry store

Solving any challenge

Intrusion protection

Ajax's wired and wireless security solutions comply with the most demanding international standards. The system seamlessly integrates with central monitoring stations, providing multi-subscription access that enables monitoring by various subcontractors: security networks, monitoring centers, and technical maintenance contractors.

Wireless solutions for indoor and outdoor

Indoor wired solutions with Grade 3 certification


Instant alarm at the push of a panic button or duress code


Arming/disarming system by schedule

verification of alarms

Photo an video verification of the alarm

Video surveillance

Ajax cameras meet the IP65 protection rating, are sabotage-protected, and can be reconfigured remotely through Ajax apps. The high-speed video streaming technology delivers exceptional image quality with smooth video archive navigation. Cloud infrastructure provides remote access to the stream and ensures reliable local archives storage.

Easy video surveillance integration

Secure and instant data exchange


Customization of video wall for simultaneous monitoring from desktop and mobile


Smooth archive search: calendar view and filters by motion or scenario


Archive synchronization with system events for easy camera navigation.

Fire detection

The Ajax fire alarm system is wireless and uses a patented detection mechanism. It responds only to an actual fire, minimizing false alarms and emergency service calls. Fire detectors instantly alert about smoke, heat, and dangerous CO levels, sending all the info to the CMS. Manual call points complete a unique system with automation scenarios by pressing. Thought-out design and in-app settings make the installation process quick and easy.

Up to 10 years of operation with pre-installed batteries

85 dB built-in siren with different patterns to indicate an alarm or event

smoke chamber

No maintenance is required with a self-test system built into each device

Emergency exit opening

Automatic emergency exit opening with fire detector triggering

Alarm photo and video verification

Fire alarm photo and video verification to eliminate false triggering

Water leak prevention

An Ajax hub controls up to 200 water leak detectors and shutoff valves, supporting 64 automation scenarios. The miniature detector can be put anywhere, and the shutoff valve is easily integrated into a plumbing system. In case of an alarm, the system automatically shuts off the water in 7 seconds, preventing any damage.

Compatible with cold and hot water pipes

Up to 3 years of fully autonomous operation with pre-installed batteries


Precise detection and elimination of flooding in a matter of seconds

by schedule

Automation scenarios to control water supply by schedule or when arming the system

Hassle-free integration

Anti-sabotage locker secures valve actuator, preventing unauthorized removal

Comfort & Productivity

Ajax automation devices create an unparalleled level of control. Air quality monitors provide temperature, CO2, and humidity readings with medical-grade accuracy to maintain the required microclimate inside the premises. Smart relays, sockets, and switches seamlessly manage various appliances, ventilation, and lighting with remote in-app control and programmable scenarios.

It takes a few minutes to configure automation scenarios

Power consumption monitoring available in Ajax apps


Remote monitoring of power consumption at facilities


Cutting off the power in the facility after a fire alarm


Comprehensive monitoring of large facilities with PRO Desktop


Build your own security

Use the configurator to create a custom kit of Ajax devices that will cover your request

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Cost-effective security for the fast-food chain

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Security for self-service business

How Ajax helps to automate the security for 12 laundries in Portugal

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Efficient warehouse protection

How Ajax protects the warehouse of Europe’s largest agricultural parts and accessories supplier

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Cost saving microclimate

How Ajax Systems saved over $1 million providing ventilation control with LifeQuality

More Ajax superpowers

Extra benefits that come in handy for retail stores

Simple system management

Simple system management

Flexible system management, core features, and automation device control are all in one intuitive app. Employees can learn how to operate the system in minutes and with few taps.

Effortless to install and relocate

Effortless to install and relocate

Each Ajax device is ready to operate straight out of the box without programming, and there is no need to disassemble enclosures for mounting. The system can be installed in a matter of hours at any facility regardless of size and easily relocated to protect another object.

Countermeasures to deal with intruders

Countermeasures to deal with intruders

With automation devices, the system detects and stands firm against threats. Activating the fog generator, turning off lights, and blocking the exits — automated actions that actively resist intruders.

Group mode for security customization on-premise

Group mode for security customization on-premise

Ajax enables the creation and management of multiple security groups within one security system and the control of modes/access for employees separately on one object.

Ajax project

Implement a similar project

Authorized Ajax partners are ready to develop a customized security solution for your facility. Leave your contact details to request a quote.


Why is security important in retail stores

Security is crucial in retail stores to safeguard against various risks, including theft, fire, and flooding. Implementing proactive measures such as inventory tracking, loss prevention training, and predictive analytics can significantly reduce shrinkage, ensuring the profitability of retail chains. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early on, retailers can minimize losses, protect assets, and maintain a safe environment for customers and employees, ultimately enhancing overall business performance.

What are the ideal characteristics of a security system for a retail store

An ideal security system for retail stores should be quick to install and easy to configure, allowing for seamless deployment across multiple locations without the need for extensive technical expertise. It should also be user-friendly for daily operations, requiring minimal training for store staff. Additionally, the system should provide comprehensive and easily accessible information about security incidents, integrate with central monitoring stations, and offer automation capabilities to streamline repetitive tasks.

How can security solutions meet the specific needs of large retail chains

Security solutions for large retail chains should prioritize ease of installation and configuration to accommodate opening new locations without significant downtime or specialized technical support. User-friendly interfaces and intuitive operation are essential to ensure that store staff can effectively utilize the system without extensive training. Seamless integration with central monitoring stations and service providers across different locations is crucial for centralized management and monitoring.

What benefits do security technologies offer for retail stores

Advanced security technologies offer real-time monitoring, remote access, and automation capabilities, allowing security directors to efficiently manage security operations across multiple locations. These technologies streamline installation and configuration processes, provide actionable insights into security incidents, and facilitate rapid response to emerging threats, ultimately enhancing the overall security posture of retail networks.

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