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Why Ajax

Flexible power supply options

Ajax's portfolio includes 12–24 V⎓ power supply units designed to connect the system to a low-voltage power supply, ensuring the facilities are covered even when no permanent power source is available.

Long-lasting autonomous operation

The hub can operate for over 3 months on a 12 V⎓ gel battery with a 200 A·h capacity. Wireless Ajax devices can operate for up to 7 years on pre-installed batteries.

Maximum communication range

The Ajax hub can communicate with wireless devices at a distance of up to 1,700 m, which can be extended twice with a range extender. It's ideal for covering large areas with multiple buildings or multi-story facilities.

Enhanced security with additional devices

Intrusion sirens and automated devices complete the system, deterring and resisting intruders with a loud sound by activating fog generators or locking automatic gates.

Fortify any facility


Construction site


Meteorological station


Gas production station


Wind power plant

Solving any challenge

Intrusion protection

Ajax offers a variety of smart indoor and outdoor devices that operate as a unified force to protect against potential intrusion. The system uses two 4G/LTE communication channels to send alarms to Ajax apps and a central monitoring station (CMS). It can also connect to third-party VHF radio transmitters via Ajax vhfBridge for alarm delivery in areas with unstable internet connections, such as mountains, nature reserves, or desert regions.

Wireless devices for indoor and outdoor security

Wired devices with improved compliance for enhanced security


Connection to the central monitoring station (CMS)


Arming/disarming by specified schedule

verification of alarms

Visual verification of alarms

Video surveillance

IP65-rated cameras withstand any weather condition. It’s sabotage-protected and can be reconfigured remotely through Ajax apps. The high-speed video streaming technology delivers exceptional image quality with smooth video archive navigation, and cloud infrastructure provides remote access to the stream from any location.

Secure passwordless camera authentication

Fast and encrypted data transfer

visual verification

Instant visual verification of alarms in high-resolution


Smooth archive search: calendar view and filters by motion or scenario


NDAA-compliant hardware

Water leak prevention

One Ajax hub can control up to 200 water leak detectors and shutoff valves. Miniature leak detectors suit hard-to-reach places and can be installed without attaching, while the shutoff valve can be integrated into a plumbing system without construction work. In case of an alarm, the system automatically shuts off the water in 7 seconds, quickly preventing any damage.

Compatible with cold and hot water pipes

Up to 3 years of fully autonomous operation with pre-installed batteries


Precise detection and elimination of flooding in a matter of seconds

by schedule

Automation scenarios to control water supply by schedule or arming mode

Hassle-free integration

Hassle-free integration with an existing plumbing system

Comfort & Productivity

Ajax devices for comfort and productivity create an unparalleled level of control. Air quality monitors provide temperature and humidity readings with medical-grade accuracy to maintain the required microclimate inside the premises. Smart relays, sockets, and switches seamlessly manage various appliances, ventilation, lighting, roller shutters, and gates with remote in-app control and programmable scenarios.

It takes a few minutes to configure automation scenarios in Ajax apps

The system activates scenarios even when there is no Internet connection

owner's presence

Simulating the owner's presence on the site

De-energizing the facility

De-energizing the facility in response to fire alarm

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring at the buildings under renovation


Build your own security

Use a configurator to create a custom kit of Ajax devices that will cover your request

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Efficient warehouse protection

How Ajax protects the warehouse of Europe’s largest agricultural parts and accessories supplier

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Effective security without power supply

How Ajax’s wireless security system protects a remote weather station with no permanent power supply

More Ajax superpowers

Explore further the essential benefits of Ajax that have been useful for users at remote facilities

Informative notifications and detailed event log

Informative notifications and detailed event log

The system instantly notifies about alarms with informative push notifications from Ajax apps with the device name, time, and event description. Notification settings can be customized for each user. The app's event log stores up to 500 recent events.

Monitoring with PRO Desktop app

Monitoring with PRO Desktop app

PRO Desktop is available to all professionals working with Ajax systems, whether a security company or facility admin unit. Remote configuration, facility profiling, alarm monitoring, photo verification, and detailed event log — dozens of objects can be monitored in one intuitive interface.

Countermeasures to deal with intruders

Countermeasures to deal with intruders

The system not only detects but stands firm against threats with automation devices. Activating the fog generator, turning off lights, and blocking the exits — scenarios automatically deter an intruder in response to the alarm.

Effortless to install and relocate

Effortless to install and relocate

Each Ajax device is ready to operate straight out of the box without programming, and there is no need to disassemble enclosures for mounting. The system can be installed in a matter of hours at any facility regardless of size and easily relocated to protect another object.

Ajax project

Implement a similar project

Authorized Ajax partners are ready to develop a customized security solution for your facility. Leave your contact details to request a quote.


What security measures are essential for protecting remote properties

For remote properties, focus on sturdy fencing and advanced security systems equipped with motion detectors, cameras, and remote monitoring to deter theft and vandalism. These measures are vital due to the vulnerability of remote properties.

What is a remote security system

A remote security system is a set of connected devices and technologies designed to monitor and protect properties or assets from a distance. It typically includes cameras, motion detectors, sirens, and access control devices. These systems can be accessed and managed remotely via mobile apps, allowing users to monitor their property's security status in real time and receive alerts in case of suspicious activity. Remote security systems provide peace of mind by offering continuous surveillance and control over the protected area, even when the user is off-site.

How can homeowners ensure the effectiveness of security systems in remote properties

Homeowners can ensure the effectiveness of security systems in remote properties by prioritizing features that promptly alert administrators and monitoring stations of intrusions. In remote areas, where help may be far away, intruders have time to act. Therefore, loud sirens and automated responses are crucial for swift deterrence. Video surveillance plays an important role here, as it captures intruders and helps in further actions.

What security challenges do remote properties face

Remote properties face unique challenges due to their distance from populated areas and the lack of constant supervision. They are vulnerable to physical threats such as theft and vandalism, with limited access to immediate assistance. This underscores the importance of implementing comprehensive security measures tailored to the remote environment.

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