Solutions for warehouses and industrial complexes

Why Ajax

Swift installation and configuration

Ajax wireless and wired systems are installed quickly. This helps facilities start operating fast and ensures security without long delays.

No delays in response to threats

Ajax automation devices prevent problems by taking action before they occur. They close gates, light up areas, and even open the doors automatically during fire alarms to make things safer and more secure.

Professional multi-site monitoring made simple

PRO Desktop meets the needs of professionals, using Ajax security systems. It offers remote configuration, alarm monitoring, staff administration, event logging, and much more in one intuitive interface.

Scalable solutions for any facility size

Ajax keeps you informed about facility state using a wired connection up to 2,000 m or wireless communication with range extenders. No matter the obstacles, devices stay connected to the hub without interruption.

Fortifying any facility





Industrial parking

Industrial parking

Service station

Service station

Solving any challenge

Intrusion protection

Ajax intrusion protection systems are certified to meet international and regional security standards and insurance company requirements. Whether wired or wireless, they offer easy installation and configuration, ensuring reliable protection for facilities of any size.

Wireless devices for indoor and outdoor security

Wired devices with improved compliance for enhanced security

Third party devices

Modern complex security based on existing equipment


Anti-masking feature: the system alerts about any sabotage attempts

verification of alarms

Visual verification of alarms

Video surveillance

Cloud-based system offers rapid response and instant archive access. Protected from unauthorized access IP65-rated cameras provide secure monitoring for any location. Users can conveniently adjust settings remotely through Ajax apps.

Built-in AI recognition of people, vehicles, and animals

Instant visual verification of alarms in high resolution


IR illumination range up to 35 m


Smooth archive search: calendar view and filters by motion or scenario


Customizable virtual video wall for simultaneous monitoring

Water leak prevention

An Ajax hub can manage up to 200 water leak detectors and shutoff valves, sufficient for large-scale sites like production facilities and warehouses. Ajax hubs offer up to 64 automation scenarios, reducing the need for user intervention. Upon detecting a water leak, the detector triggers the shutoff valve to automatically stop the water flow.

Compatible with cold and hot water pipes

Up to 3 years of fully autonomous operation with pre-installed batteries


Water supply is cut off exactly where a leak has occurred


Stable communication at a distance of up to 1,100 m


Hassle-free integration with a current plumbing system

Comfort & Productivity

Smart relays, outlets, and light switches seamlessly manage various appliances, ventilation, lighting, roller shutters, and gates with remote in-app control and automation scenarios. Air quality monitors provide temperature and humidity readings to maintain the required microclimate inside the premises.

It takes a few minutes to configure automation scenarios in Ajax apps

The system activates scenarios even when there is no internet connection


Automatic door opening if fire is detected


Turning on the light if intrusion is detected


Energy efficiency to reduce power consumption and save resources


Build your own security

Use the configurator to create a custom kit of Ajax devices that will cover your request

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A ready-made autonomous solution against intrusion based on Ajax devices

More Ajax superpowers

Extra benefits that come in handy in protecting office spaces

Enhanced control over access and security

Enhanced control over access and security

Control access with security groups based on job roles, like letting warehouse workers into certain areas but not offices. It boosts security and lets employees focus on their tasks, protecting valuable assets and sensitive information.

Scaling the system as the business grows

Scaling the system as the business grows

Ajax offers easy scalability, allowing for system expansion as needed. The hub supports up to 200 devices for intrusion protection, video surveillance, and fire detection. In addition, users can seamlessly add new devices at any time to enhance their security setup.

Comprehensive security system managed in the app

Comprehensive security system managed in the app

Ajax system offers comprehensive solutions for various security needs, including intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention, and automation. With convenient app and user-friendly interface, managing these features becomes effortless.

Informative notifications and detailed event log

Informative notifications and detailed event log

The system instantly notifies about alarms with informative push notifications from Ajax apps with the device name, time, and event description. Notification settings can be customized for each user. The app's event log stores up to 500 recent events.

Ajax project

Implement a similar project

Authorized Ajax Systems partners are ready to develop a customized security solution for your facility. Leave your contact details to request a quote.


What are security challenges at warehouses and production facilities

Warehouses and production facilities face unique security challenges due to their size, layout, and the valuable inventory or equipment they contain. These challenges include unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and ensuring employee safety in potentially hazardous environments.

What is an ideal security system for warehouses and production facilities

An ideal security system for warehouses and production facilities should offer comprehensive coverage, including surveillance cameras, access control devices, and detectors for intrusion detection sensors. It should be scalable to accommodate the facility's size and layout, with centralized management capabilities for efficient monitoring and response.

Incorporating emergency alarms, evacuation protocols, and automated incident response systems to address emergencies swiftly add to safety. Additionally, these solutions should also integrate with existing infrastructure to enhance overall security effectiveness.

Why are advanced security systems for warehouses and production facilities crutial

Investing in advanced security systems is essential for safeguarding valuable assets, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining operational continuity. These systems provide real-time monitoring, proactive threat detection, and data-driven insights to enhance security posture.

Why are security audits and risk assessments essential for enhancing security in warehouses and production facilities

Regular security audits and risk assessments are critical for identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating existing security measures, and implementing necessary improvements. By conducting comprehensive assessments, warehouses, and production facilities can proactively address security gaps and mitigate potential threats.

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