Solutions for private houses

Solutions for private houses

Why Ajax

Enhanced security and automation solution

The Ajax system is a comprehensive solution for making your house safe. It provides intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention, and automation of lighting and appliances.

Convenient system management in the Ajax app

The Ajax app offers effortless control over the security of the house and other facilities nearby. The same interface allows managing video surveillance and automation devices.

Advanced home management

Ajax automation scenarios and devices can turn a regular house into a smart home: elevate lighting management, allow remote control of gates and home appliances, and enable automatic security mode changes.

Stylish design and easy installation

All Ajax devices have a sleek design and fit perfectly into any interior. Wireless devices can be installed even after repairs, as they do not require additional wiring.

Meeting any needs


Front yard

Living room

Living room



Utility room

Utility room

Solving any challenge

Intrusion protection

Ajax intrusion protection systems are certified to comply with international and regional security standards. They meet insurance requirements for private property. Whether wired or wireless, the devices offer easy installation and configuration, ensuring reliable protection for houses of any size.

Wireless devices for indoor and outdoor security

Wired devices with improved compliance for enhanced security

verification of alarms

Visual verification of alarms


Connection to the central monitoring station (CMS)


Instant alarm at the push of a panic button or duress code

Video surveillance

Ajax cameras are IP65-rated, sabotage-protected, and remotely reconfigurable via Ajax apps. To ensure data privacy, access to the archive and streams is available through Ajax apps to trusted accounts only. The high-speed video streaming technology delivers exceptional image quality with smooth video archive navigation. The cloud infrastructure of Ajax video surveillance products provides instant remote access to the stream.

Easy video surveillance integration with the security system

Built-in AI recognition of people, vehicles, and animals


Smooth archive search: calendar view and filters by motion or scenario

Access events

Precise privacy settings for each system user

Camera IR

IR illumination up to 35 m for a clear picture day and night

Fire detection

Ajax fire detectors are simple to install, capable of detecting smoke, temperature changes, and CO, while ignoring cooking fumes and water steam. There are battery-powered and mains-powered models. When triggered, detectors immediately raise a fire alarm and transmit detailed notifications to the homeowners and CMS, which in turn contacts the emergency services.

Up to 10 years of operation with pre-installed batteries

85 dB built-in siren with different patterns to indicate an alarm or event

smoke chamber

No false alarms or regular cleaning

Interconnect fire alarm

Wireless interconnection: all fire detectors activate built-in sirens in 20 seconds

Cutting off power

In case of fire, the system automatically de-energizes the facility

Water leak prevention

A miniature leak detector instantly detects water leakage. A shutoff valve is easy to integrate into a plumbing system. In case of an alarm, the system automatically shuts water off in up to 7 seconds, preventing damage to the site and assets. All devices are addressable so a user knows where to find the problem. Leak detectors do not require installation, and the shutoff valves are easily mounted on existing pipes.

Compatible with cold and hot water pipes

Up to 3 years of fully autonomous operation with pre-installed batteries

Water shut-off

Only up to 7 seconds to shut water off

Valve options

For any pipes: the ball valve of three sizes: ½″, ¾″, or 1″ for pipes of any house


Automation scenarios to shut off the water when arming the system

Comfort & Productivity

Ajax devices for comfort and productivity create an unparalleled level of control. Thanks to programmable scenarios, smart relays, outlets, and light switches provide remote in-app control over appliances, ventilation, and lighting. This functionality enables energy monitoring, consequently optimizing usage and saving money. Air quality monitors provide temperature, CO₂, and humidity readings with medical-grade accuracy to maintain the preferred microclimate at home.

Automation scenarios are set up in the app within minutes

Air quality parameters monitoring via Ajax apps


8 colors for smart Outlet and LightSwitch devices to complement any interior

Presence simulation

Simulating the owner's presence in the house

Lightswitch lighting

Contactless light switches feature LED backlighting for activation, even in the dark


Build your own security

Use the configurator to create a custom kit of Ajax devices that will cover your request

Customer stories

Discover how the world becomes a safer place with Ajax

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Bergen Municipality

Protecting a UNESCO World Heritage Site

How the Ajax security systems monitor the historic area of Norway

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Villa Cattolica, Guttuso Museum

Preserving heritage

How Ajax secures Villa Cattolica in Italy

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Touring Camp Oy

Security on the go

Advanced protection for campervan travelers

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KORSA Windows

Smart Window Automation with Ajax

Integration that offers customers a full-fledged energy-efficient system to maintain indoor air quality

More Ajax superpowers

Extra benefits that come in handy in protecting office spaces

Group mode for security customization on-premise

Group mode for security customization on-premise

Ajax enables the creation and management of multiple security groups within one system, allowing separate security modes to be controlled for the house, garage, and other property.

No-mess wired Fibra installation

No-mess wired Fibra installation

Wired Fibra devices connect to the control panel via a four-core cable. Ajax systems support three topologies: Beam, Ring, and Tree. If the cables are already laid or when the system is being upgraded, there is no need to rewire the facility.

Reliability for indoor and outdoor use

Reliability for indoor and outdoor use

Ajax indoor and outdoor detectors operate in temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +60 °C with up to 95% humidity. Such endurance enables operation in any environment, even in a wet bathroom or frosty courtyard.

Easy scalability for any needs

Easy scalability for any needs

Ajax offers easy scalability, allowing for system expansion as needed. The hub supports up to 200 devices for intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention, and automation.

Ajax project

Implement a similar project

Authorized Ajax partners are ready to develop a customized security solution for your facility. Leave your contact details to request a quote.


Which alarm system to choose for the house

Home alarms come in three types: wired, wireless, and hybrid. With wired systems, signals travel through cables, while wireless systems transmit signals via radio channels. Hybrid systems offer the flexibility of connecting wired and wireless devices for transmission, combining the benefits of both technologies.

When choosing an alarm system for your house, consider a comprehensive set that includes essential components like a control panel, opening sensors for doors and windows, motion detectors with photo confirmation, and a key fob for remote system control. Additionally, fire detectors can enhance safety measures. A wireless keyboard for mode control adds convenience, allowing arming/disarming and managing security groups through various authentication methods such as pass cards, key fobs, or digital passwords. An alarm siren is also crucial for deterring intruders and alerting nearby individuals in case of burglary attempts.

What are the essential security measures for safeguarding a private home

Essential security measures for private homes include installing robust door and window locks, outdoor lighting, and a home security system with motion sensors and surveillance cameras. Reinforcing entry points and securing perimeter fencing also enhance security.

How to protect a house from burglaries and intrusions

Modern home alarm systems provide comprehensive protection both inside and around the house. They include detectors, a control panel, sirens, and control devices. The sensors detect threats, transmit alarms to the control panel to notify the security company and users, and activate sirens at the same time. Such modern alarm systems can be easily expanded by adding new sensors and automation devices to the existing system.

Modern security systems, such as Ajax, provide automated responses to events, such as shutting off the water supply in the event of a water leak and the ability to control gates, lighting, and other devices.

Users receive alarm reports via push notifications to their mobile phones. Modern home security systems monitor the status of detectors and battery power, notifying owners of maintenance needs.

What steps should homeowners take to secure their outdoor spaces effectively

To effectively secure outdoor spaces, homeowners should take several steps. Installing perimeter fencing, motion-activated lights, and surveillance cameras that deter trespassers. Incorporating street sirens and motion detectors further bolsters the security system, alerting residents and neighbors to potential threats and deterring intruders.

Additionally, landscaping strategies such as trimming bushes and trees, removing hiding spots, and using gravel or noisy surfaces around the perimeter can enhance security.

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