Jedi update of the Air Alert app

Jedi update of the Air Alert app

The Air Alert app has officially partnered with UNITED24. American actor Mark Hamill, an ambassador of the fundraising platform, has voiced the English version of the app. In addition, push notifications signaling the end of an air raid now call to make a donation to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The legendary actor behind Luke Skywalker will notify users about five types of danger: missile attack, artillery shelling, street fighting, radiation and chemical threat. Mark Hamill has also added some of his iconic and inspiring quotes to announcements when the danger is over.

We are eternally grateful to Mark Hamill for continued support to our country.

Not only Mark became the first ambassador of the Army of Drones, the first big celebrity to support the military fundraising for Ukraine, he constantly promotes Ukraine’s interests in numerous interviews, never refuses a chance to talk to the world about our fight for freedom. Only few days ago Hamill announced fundraising for ten Danish Heidrun drones to support Ukrainian defenders, and today we are presenting another project with his participation — an English version of the Air Alert, available for journalists, international missions, and everyone who is currently working in Ukraine. I am sure that many Ukrainians will change the language of the app at least once to hear, “Attention, the street fighting alert is over. May the Force be with you”.

Yaroslava Gres

UNITED24 Coordinator

All donations made through the Air Alert app will be transferred via UNITED24 to purchase drones for the Ukrainian army.

This isn’t just an app update to us, but a way to do our part on the information front and an opportunity to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in keeping up the good fight. Unfortunately, the constant alerts are still the reality for Ukrainians, and we constantly require help from the Western world. We hope that the English version of the app will help us call foreign attention towards the war in Ukraine and motivate everyone to support our defenders. We are grateful to our partners at UNITED24 and the world legend Mark Hamill for their participation and endless work towards our victory.

Valentine Hrytsenko

Ajax Systems CMO

The English version of the Air Alert with Mark Hamill’s voice is already available on iOS, Android and Huawei. Users may change the language of notifications in the settings menu. If the app is not automatically updated to version 4.2 , please update it manually or reinstall it. If the interface language of your smartphone is not Ukrainian, the English version of the app is installed by default.

The app updates are based on the principle of Canary Release: access to the Air Alert app version 4.2. will appear gradually during the week, and not simultaneously for all users.

The Air Alert app was developed by Ajax Systems at the initiative of and with support from the Ministry of Digital Transformations of Ukraine. The app has over 11 million downloads. It became a convenient and reliable tool for informing Ukrainians of imminent danger.

Support Armed Forces of Ukraine and choose Mark Hamill’s voice in the Air Alert app:

May the force be with U!

About UNITED24

The fundraising platform and the main place for collecting donations in support of Ukraine initiated by the President of Ukraine. During six months of its work, UNITED24 has raised more than $217 million from citizens of 110 countries. Among the UNITED24 ambassadors are prominent athletes Andriy Shevchenko, Elina Svitolina and Oleksandr Usyk, Balenciaga creative director Demna, American actors Liev Schreiber and Mark Hamill, group Imagine Dragons, singer and actress Barbra Streisand, astronaut Scott Kelly and historian Timothy Snyder.

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