Introducing the solution to notify the public of war alarms via Ajax security systems

Introducing the solution to notify the public of war alarms via Ajax security systems

Civil defense sirens are not always heard in some parts of cities and villages. Prompt alerts are especially critical for large enterprises and offices with many people. In schools, kindergartens and universities, such alerts are a mandatory requirement of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Ajax Systems has implemented a solution that allows war alarms to be heard everywhere where an Ajax security system is installed.

Air Alert app signals in an Ajax security system

In March 2022, a few days after the start of a full-scale war, the Ajax Systems team, together with Stfalcon and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, launched the Air Alert mobile app. It notifies users of five types of threats: air alert, artillery fire, street fighting, chemical and radiation hazards.

Thanks to integration with the Air Alert app via API, war alarms can now be sent directly to Ajax security systems. The solution is already available to residents of all 24 regions of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv.

You need to contact the installation or security company that maintains your Ajax system to activate the alert.

Solution for schools

Our school has no civil defense sirens or other warning systems for the population. That’s why Ajax sirens alerts help our students and teachers to be aware of the alarm in time and go to bomb shelter.

Yevhen Sydorkin

principal of Kyiv Gymnasium No. 287

Responding to war alarms in schools is a requirement of the State Emergency Service and allows many students to return to offline learning. Thanks to the integration of the Air Alert app with Ajax systems, there is no need to activate alerts manually, as it was before.

Implementation of a pilot project together with UNICEF in the Secondary school of I-III degrees No.17 in the city of Irpin

In the first days of the war, we helped millions of Ukrainians receive prompt alerts about war alarms, as we were one of the developers of the Air Alert app. Integrating the app with Ajax security systems solves the problem that arose with the restoration of the educational process and the work of enterprises. It is also urgent for the de-occupied territories, where the infrastructure of the population warning system has been destroyed.

Valentine Hrytsenko

CMO Ajax Systems

How to connect

Please contact your installer or security company manager to activate the war alarm notification feature in an Ajax system.

In the Ajax system mobile app, notifications will come without specifying the type of threat.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is a Ukrainian product company, the largest manufacturer of security systems in Europe. The Ajax product line includes more than 50 wireless and wired indoor and outdoor security devices. Today, Ajax reliably protects more than 1.5 million people in 130 countries.