What matters now

What matters now

The Ukrainian company Ajax Systems has been around for more than 11 years. All this time, our team worked on improving security systems, set high goals, and achieved them. Since 2014, when the first military operations began in the east of Ukraine, we knew we had a difficult road ahead. Back then, we learned to be resilient and face external threats.

We are infinitely grateful to Ajax partners and users worldwide for their words of support, involvement in charitable initiatives, and help to the Ukrainian army. This is a huge contribution that brings peace in Ukraine closer.

But the war continues, and Ukraine still needs help in the fight against an unprovoked invasion. Below we share a list of verified charitable foundations so that you can safely support Ukrainians and their defenders.

Сharitable foundations supporting Ukraine:

1. Come Back Alive

One of the largest and most famous foundations providing competent support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was launched in 2014.

Come Back Alive supports the army with the necessary protective and intelligence equipment, procures military products, conducts training for the military, etc. The foundation’s main idea is to preserve Ukrainian defenders’ lives.

2. Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

Serhiy Prytula has been helping the Ukrainian army as a private volunteer since 2014. Today, the foundation unites military and humanitarian headquarters.

The military headquarters procures communication equipment, optical devices, drones, UAVs, transport, and tactical medical equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The humanitarian headquarters helps civilians in the occupied territories and within a radius of 70 km from the front line.

3. Help Ukraine Center

The largest logistics hub for humanitarian aid to Ukraine in Eastern Europe, created at the initiative of Ukrainian business.

The center accepts humanitarian, and medical aid from around the world: medicines, food, hygiene products for babies and mothers, etc.

4. United24

Global fundraising platform created at the initiative of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The funds are transferred to the accounts of the relevant ministries of Ukraine and are directed to the three most important needs:

  • Defense and demining.
  • Medical aid.
  • Reconstruction of Ukraine.

How does Ajax Systems help?

Our foundation

We at Ajax Systems have created a foundation that every employee can join to support the Ukrainian army, and the company continues to provide regular help to defenders at the frontline. For security reasons, we will publish a detailed report after the victory.

Air Alert app

Within just a few days after the full-scale invasion, Ajax Systems, together with the Stfalcon team and with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, created the app that promptly informs users about the start and end of an air alert. The team is constantly updating the app and adding the functions. The app now notifies about five types of alarms: air alert, artillery shelling, street fighting, chemical hazard, and radiation hazard.

The Air Alert app has already been downloaded over 11 million times. It is available for the iOS, Android and Huawei users.

We are strong when united. Together we will win!

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