How Ajax reshapes the security market landscape in sunny Tuscany

How Ajax reshapes the security market landscape in sunny Tuscany

In October 2019, we headed to Italy to film the story of Lorenzo Ciampi, the owner of Dimensione Sicurezza, a Tuscan installation company. For a day, we plunged into his life, took part in the installation of the Ajax system in an old villa, and learned more about the Italian security business’s specifics.

Lorenzo has been installing security equipment since 2008. He started working as an installation engineer at his father’s company and then began his own business.

I love my job. It lets me dissolve completely in my craft each day, so when coming back home, I’m charged with positive emotions. I’d rather pick up a late call from a thankful client than listen in my office to the details of how they were burgled

In 2017, he began looking for a product that would help his business go beyond the conservative security service. Lorenzo has been into advanced technologies, believed in wireless communication and was open to new ideas.

Ajax perfectly fitted the case. Lorenzo found a professional security system with proprietary radio protocol and control panel OS, apps both for end users and PRO. The straightforward connection much reduced the installation time. The ability to remotely monitor operations and set up devices opened the way for a new service. A smart interface and attractive design made it easy to present the product to the client. What is more, the regular functional updates added value to the system.

Lorenzo did not miss the opportunity. It took three months to learn how to work with Ajax — all thanks to the equipment’s usability, responsive support team, and Lorenzo Ciampi’s intention to find out all the ins and outs of the system as quickly as possible. The business started to gain momentum. Instead of 2-3 installations per week — average numbers for the local installation business in Italy — it raised to 2-3 systems each day. Now two engineers can provide security for an apartment, a house, or an office in just a few hours. They do not waste time for wiring and programming the control panel. Instead, they can pay more attention to the client: demonstrate the product in action, teach how to use it, offer additional protection against fire, leaks, and automation services. And what is more important — they have time to build a relationship with the client.

Today, 80% of customers do not want any wires… They do not want two people occupying their house for 3-4 days, do not want them to reconfigure the fuse box. For clients, it’s violence

Dimensione Sicurezza entirely switched to Ajax equipment and completed more than 2500 installations in 2 years, which is more than 60% of all security systems installed by Lorenzo’s team over 12 years of work.

We filmed a heartfelt video about the Italian PRO of a new formation. He is confident that technology is the future; he values ​​his cultural and professional heritage and puts the client above all. He considers securing people a craft of his life. Check out Lorenzo’s story!

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