Ajax partner program for scaling your business

Ajax partner program for scaling your business

Ajax Systems launches a partner program for installation and security companies that work with Ajax security systems. The program aims to make working with the Ajax brand simple and comfortable for partners and help them effectively develop their business.

The participants will have access to a large database of expert materials, tools for developing their businesses, the incentive system, and support from the largest marketing team in the security industry.

Partner program is already available for companies from Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Later, the program and partner portal will be available to partners in the rest of the countries where Ajax is present.

Detailed program terms in the following regions:

Growing with Ajax

Since 2016, when Ajax Systems began its international expansion, the company has been actively developing a global partner network. Currently, Ajax Systems cooperates with a community of 150,000 companies and security professionals from all over the world. Each partner is unique, and we are constantly working to ensure that interaction with Ajax is maximally beneficial for their business.

With the partner program, Ajax Systems cooperation with partners has reached a new, digital level. We offer not just an Ajax product, but a comprehensive solution for business development and scaling. We want the industry to develop along with us.

Advantages and opportunities

Ajax Systems has created a separate ecosystem for partners, rich in content and tools for effective work with Ajax. We have created a separate platform that will help installation and security companies find new customers, increase the number of installations, improve user experience, and increase the average check.

ajax partner program

The single portal allows us to communicate more effectively with partners and see their progress. For example, to change the company data on the Ajax website, the partner no longer needs to contact the manager at Ajax Systems. The partner can now change the data independently.

ajax partner program

The personal account provides an authorized partner with all the necessary tools to build a business with Ajax. In particular, the participating company gets:

  • Authorized Ajax partner status.
  • Access to Ajax Systems marketing materials, action plans and activity standards that will help promote the partner’s brand online and offline.
  • Direct access to potential customers acquired through Ajax Systems resources.
  • Calendar of events in the partner’s region.
  • Constant support from the Ajax Systems marketing team.

* The set of benefits may vary depending on the region and the status of the partner (Specialist, Expert, Strategic Partner, etc.).

In addition, the personal account displays all the details about the partner company’s certificates received by its employees after completing training certification programs from Ajax Systems.

The incentive system
The program is developed to encourage partners to cooperate long-term and grow with Ajax. Thus, each participating company can increase its set of benefits and features, depending on how many Ajax security systems it has installed. The participant can grow from Specialist to Strategic Partner. The status and progress under the incentive system is displayed on the main page in the personal account. Ajax Systems evaluates the work of the companies participating in the portal on a quarterly basis and revises the rating and partner status.

Becoming a member

The program is available only to security, installation and reseller companies in Spain, Portugal and Scandinavian countries that have a PRO Ajax account and their employees have completed the Ajax certification course. To join the Ajax partner program, the company must have at least one certified employee.

You can join the program at any time, but the number of Ajax installations is calculated only for the full quarter.