Ajax Systems partners with VIDEOR to elevate security solutions in the DACH region

Ajax Systems partners with VIDEOR to elevate security solutions in the DACH region

Ajax Systems, Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of security systems, announces a strategic partnership with VIDEOR, a prominent distributor of security solutions. This partnership is aimed at fortifying Ajax’s presence in the DACH region.

The alliance with VIDEOR, boasting nearly 50 years of industry expertise and recognized as a leading distributor of CCTV and security technology, represents a significant milestone for Ajax Systems. This collaboration seeks to deliver advanced products and tailored solutions, transcending conventional security offerings.

“We are delighted to welcome Ajax Systems as a partner in our portfolio. Ajax stands out with a unique product design and a well-thought-out concept that runs seamlessly through the manufacturer’s growing ecosystem. We believe that the partnership with Ajax Systems offers our customers real added value and opens up new business opportunities.”

Daniel Großeloh

Head of VIDEOR Product Management

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with VIDEOR, an industry stalwart with nearly 50 years of experience. We believe that the synergy between Ajax Systems and VIDEOR will invigorate the market, combining innovation with decades of experience for the success of all market players.”

Aljona Göttert

Cluster Director DACH/Baltic States/Ireland at Ajax Systems

This partnership signifies an opportunity for VIDEOR’s customers to access Ajax Systems’ state-of-the-art security and smart home solutions, thereby expanding the range of offerings in the DACH region. Ajax Systems reinforces its commitment to the DACH market, anticipating increased sales and invaluable feedback from the professional community.


VIDEOR takes pride in being the premier distributor of CCTV and security solutions in its markets. Functioning as an independent and reliable partner, VIDEOR plays a crucial role in connecting users with major manufacturers, fostering collaboration and success.

Providing unwavering support to customers, VIDEOR excels in offering competent advice, personalized solutions, and innovative services. This commitment empowers clients to enhance efficiency and navigate the complexities of their daily operations or project work. VIDEOR goes the extra mile by delivering specialized logistical services tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is an international technological company and Europe’s largest security system manufacturer. In addition, the company offers solutions for video surveillance, smart homes, fire detection, and flood prevention.

The product portfolio includes 135 wireless and wired devices for security and automation. Today, Ajax protects over 2.5 million users in 169 countries worldwide. The global success of the company is attributed to its innovations and proprietary technologies such as Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich, the algorithms LISA, SmartDetect, HazeFlow, the JetSparrow technology, as well as 38 patents for inventions and designs.