CableTrunk: An aesthetic solution for FireProtect AC wiring

CableTrunk: An aesthetic solution for FireProtect AC wiring

The thing that always makes Ajax Systems stand out in the market is special attention to the experience of a user dealing with Ajax products. A new product — CableTrunk — is yet another piece of evidence to prove that. CableTrunk is a solution for safe and aesthetic joining between the Ajax mains-powered FireProtect 2 AC and standard cable trunking. It allows for simple lateral power wiring while preserving the neat look of the ceiling.

What inspired CableTrunk

All FireProtect 2 AC detectors provide for the hidden connection of power wires from the back of the SmartBracket mounting panel, and this is how it happens in most installations. However, it is not always possible or rational to run power wires inside walls or ceilings, for example, in the case of renovations or loft-styled interiors. For such instances, Ajax Systems has created CableTrunk that allows lateral power wiring from a standard cable trunking to the fire detector without spoiling the looks of the room.


While hiding the wiring, CableTrunk does not affect the appearance of the fire detector. In fact, it is quite the opposite since the detector does not have any visible technical holes and does not require bulky casing. Also, CableTrunk makes it look as if the detector levitates thanks to the added height of 9.5 mm. With this accessory, both the ceiling and installation look sleek.

Hassle-free installation

CableTrunk does not complicate the process of installing the fire detector and makes it a minute longer at most.

  • The accessory offers four possible positions for lateral power wiring so that a user can see the detector’s LED indicators.
  • Cables are routed from cable trunking to WAGO 221 connectors.
  • Durable latches and holding screws ensure reliable fastening with the SmartBracket mounting panel.

With CableTrunk, installing FireProtect 2 AC still takes only a few minutes.

installation demo

Compatibility with FireProtect 2 AC fire detectors

CableTrunk is compatible with all FireProtect 2 AC fire detectors and comes in two colors for the perfect match with the device and cable trunking.

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