Desico has integrated Ajax devices into its VIGIPLUS® PSIM platform, a suite of applications for control centers, capable of adapting to any installation and covering all the needs of security systems, integrating intrusion and fire systems, access control, CCTV, intercom, or data networks, public address, IP network supervision, technical equipment and IoT elements among others.

Platform integration

The integration allows Ajax devices to be integrated into a single interface, contemplating the display of any event detected by the hub and allowing interaction with the devices. The Vigiplus® system is synchronized with all the states of the detectors that the hub has connected, allowing the graphic visualization of its state and the sending of orders in an intuitive and simple way for the operator.

The main functionalities implemented: group arming and disarming, partial arming and disarming, bypass and activation of zones, activation and deactivation of outputs. In addition, self-configuration functionalities have been integrated, downloading data of groups and zones from the cloud, as well as obtaining images from PIRCAM detectors, including search options for the image associated with the latest alarms generated.

The platform allows downloading the hub configuration to facilitate configuration tasks for the integrator.

DESICO is pleased with the integration of the Ajax hub, for what it represents in terms of new technologies for integrating intrusion systems based on the Cloud. The integration of the Ajax panel has been carried out considering all the necessary functions to achieve a high level of integration benefits, reaching a total bidirectional interaction with the Ajax cloud system. The functionalities that have been integrated allow the Vigiplus user to interact with the control panel to perform the most important functions of a security system. At a technical level, it is worth noting the security of connectivity with the Ajax cloud environment and the use of AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) queues to obtain the events generated by the panel.Jordi Artigas Mestres, Director Adjunto Departamento de Software de Desico

The integration with Desico is a milestone since it responds to a demand from the market itself, as it is one of the most consolidated platforms in Spain. The integration covers not only Ajax’s current wireless panels, but also the range of Fibra wired products, as well as new devices to come. It is a very complete integration since it is not only limited to the simple reception of alarms, but also offers clients many more functionalities in an integral way. This requirement is essential when tackling projects of a certain complexity.Roberto Otero, Technical Director Iberia Ajax Systems

About Desico

Desarrollo de Sistemas Integrados de Control S.A. (DESICO ©), was created in 1992, as an engineering services company specialized in carrying out automation and control projects for the security market. Its activity focuses on the development, implementation and start-up of Integration systems, with its own technology and product. The company is characterized by its high degree of commitment to solidity, reliability and innovation in the manufacture of Computer Control Systems, which makes it one of the most outstanding companies in the sector.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is the largest manufacturer of security systems in Europe. The company’s worldwide success has been primarily driven by its innovations, especially patented technologies such as Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich. The product line consists of over 70 wireless and wired devices for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring maximum security. Currently, Ajax protects over 1.8 million users in 169 countries.