Elvey becomes the new official distributor of Ajax in South Africa

Elvey becomes the new official distributor of Ajax in South Africa

Today, Ajax Systems is happy to announce that The Elvey Group was appointed as an official distributor for the Ajax security system throughout Southern Africa. Consequently, Elvey will be able to provide Ajax professional alarms to its customers in the industry.

We are thrilled with our appointment as an Ajax Distributor and we look forward to working together with installers to devise customised smart monitoring solutions for their customers’ installations

Zane Greeff

Sales Lead at the Elvey Group

Elvey has a strong national branch network, which includes all formerly TPA-branded outlets, each manned by a highly competent and technically-skilled team of support technicians and engineers. The network will provide our customers with the highest levels of technical pre- and after-market support and service, ensuring best advice on installations, prompt product turnaround times and maximised system uptime

Ingo Mutinelli

Head of sales in South Africa for Ajax Systems

The South African market is one of the top 10 focus markets for Ajax Systems. The company officially entered it in 2018 and currently is working towards launching several new products soon specifically for the needs of this market.

About Elvey

Elvey is a leading security solutions provider and distribution partner to the residential and corporate security marketplace. Their mission is to enhance the security, control and intelligence, within both the home and workplace, through the provision of world-class technologies and solutions.

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