Ajax Academy video course ‘Fibra product line’ is available now for Ajax partners

Ajax Academy video course ‘Fibra product line’ is available now for Ajax partners

Ajax Systems has launched the ‘Fibra product line’ video course for installers, distributors and security companies. In the video course, Ajax Systems experts highlight wired systems possibilities and explain all the details about devices and specifics of work with Fibra. The course is conducted on Ajax Academy online platform.

Successful completion of the video course allows Ajax partners to sell, install and configure systems with Fibra devices. The video course is available in English for authorized Ajax partners in 8 regions: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, South Africa, Kenya, and the UK. The ‘Fibra product line’ will be available for partners from all other regions soon. All other languages will be added as well.

The purpose

Ajax is not only high-quality security equipment. It is also a helpful instrument for the partners to scale their business and enhance user experience. Ajax Systems believes in development through learning and allow security professionals to do so in comfort, anytime and anywhere. Our marketing team constantly creates video courses, organizes webinars and offline training to educate partners and provide them with helpful information about Ajax products. All of this is aimed at helping them to get more clients and increase their knowledge and skills.

Training format

The training is conducted in the format of video lectures. Ajax Systems professionals share the specifics of installation, the most interesting use cases and the maintenance features of wired and hybrid Ajax security systems. The content of the lectures corresponds to the program of webinars and offline training. The video course is aimed to make it more comfortable for Ajax partners to study and train anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the local Ajax Systems teams and partners can conduct webinars and offline training as well.

Access to the video course is not limited by time, and the partner can watch them in any convenient mode. The average duration of one video lecture is 5 minutes.

Types of certification

Certification is the final stage of the ‘Fibra product line’ video course, the completion of which is mandatory for a partner if they want to work with Fibra products.

Within a day after successfully completing the test, the partner receives a certificate by email, specified during registration on the online platform. All the information for the certificate is taken from the trainee’s profile, so it should be accurate while registering. The document is issued to a specific person (employee), not to a partner (legal entity).

The ‘Fibra product line’ video course is designed for three specializations: installer, system design engineer and sales manager. Each specialization has its training program and certificate. For example, installer certification is required to access the system settings and Hub Hybrid configuration, while certificates of other specializations do not provide access to this type of work.

The certificate for passing the ‘Fibra product line’ video course is valid for one year. If the partner has already taken a similar course from Ajax Systems experts and got a corresponding certificate, it remains valid for the entire period specified in the certificate. It is not necessary to update it.

Fibra certificate examples

Access to the video course

‘Fibra product line’ is a closed-type course. The authorized partner should apply to its Business development manager (BDM) with a request for access to the video course. After BDM’s approval, the partner will receive a link to the training.

The video course is free for authorized Ajax partners.

To start the training, contact your Ajax Business development manager. If you don’t work with BDM directly, please apply via the link below.