Meet new FireProtect 2 models certified according to UL standards

Meet new FireProtect 2 models certified according to UL standards

Ajax Systems is thrilled to announce that two new models of FireProtect 2 have passed the testing and are certified according to UL standards. Now, the detectors fully comply with UL requirements, which is a crucial endorsement for the US and Canadian markets. It is a big step that grants access to retail channels demanding UL conformity.

Certified device

Certified according to

FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke/CO) UL Jeweller

  • UL 268, CAN/ULC S529
  • UL 2075, CAN/ULC S588

FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) UL Jeweller

  • UL 268, CAN/ULC S529

The whole process was conducted by Intertek, a trusted international company that provides quality assurance, testing, and certification services. After FireProtect 2 detectors passed the certification process called ETL, they received the ETL Listed mark. The mark means products have been thoroughly tested to meet strict requirements of UL standards. It guarantees reliability in what Ajax Systems offers.

What is ETL certification

ajax fireprotect etl certification ul

ETL, which stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories certification, is a process through which electrical products are tested and certified for compliance with industry standards for quality, safety, and performance. Here’s why it is difficult to pass:

  • Strict requirements for product quality and reliability. ETL demands high-quality and reliable products. Criteria include materials, structure, electrical components, durability, etc. Any deviation leads to certification failure.
  • Multi-stage testing. These tests check if products are safe, operate properly, and last long. Products also undergo an environmental stress test to ensure the necessary compliance.
  • Documentation. Getting ETL certification requires a lot of paperwork. It includes detailed specifications, the manufacturing process, test results, and how the product is inspected for quality.
  • Investment. Complex and high-technology products require more complicated testing from the lab. The certification process includes fees not only for testing but also for consulting, documentation development, and retesting the product after making adjustments to meet the specified requirements. These expenses can make getting ETL certification and entering the market hard for small businesses or startups.

During the audit, every aspect of the product manufacturing cycle is thoroughly examined: components and materials used, test methods, quality assurance processes, safety measures, etc. These audits occur every three months. Additionally, the manufacturer sends product samples to the laboratory every quarter for verification tests.

Overall, passing the ETL certification is challenging. But it’s essential for product safety, reliability, and market approval. In Ajax’s case, collaboration with Intertek revealed exceptional attention to product quality from both parties.

Why this certification is vital for Ajax partners and clients

In every country, fire safety devices must adhere to specific standards. In the United States, smoke detectors must comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 72. Additionally, many states have their own standards that must be followed.

ajax fireprotect etl certification ul

Furthermore, compliance might be mandated by building codes and regulatory authorities such as insurance companies. So, the ETL certification confirms that the product meets all these standards. For example, ETL 100% ensures the smoke detector provides an early warning when the first signs of fire occur.

How FireProtect 2 passed the certification process

After extensive testing, the FireProtect 2 detectors fully meet the requirements of UL 268, ULC 529, UL 2075, and ULC S588. The Cooking Nuisance Smoke test was a significant challenge, as the devices had to distinguish cooking fumes with concentrations of up to 1.5%/ft without triggering an alarm. On the other hand, during the Flaming Polyurethane test, the detectors must respond to burning polyurethane, which produces smoke with the same particle concentration as cooking fumes. However, the FireProtect 2 detectors have successfully passed both tests, demonstrating their reliability in distinguishing between false causes and an actual fire.

FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke/CO) UL Jeweller and FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) UL Jeweller have also successfully passed other equally important tests, including ignition with shredded newsprint and different kinds of wood such as fir and pine. In each case, the detectors responded within 4 minutes, proving their rapid and reliable detection capabilities.

FireProtect 2 features in two minutes

What you get with a certified Ajax devices

  • Assets safeguard. In the US and Canada, ETL ensures that the affected party receives compensation for property damage.
  • Profit for partners. ETL Listed products offer more significant competitive advantages for distribution.
  • Consumer trust. A laboratory with a strong reputation affirms the reliability of a professional security system — a hallmark of Ajax products.

About Intertek

The FireProtect 2 UL detectors were certified by Intertek, an international company specializing in independent examination, control, and testing services. Intertek’s expertise is backed by 125 years of product testing, which began when Edison established the Lamp Testing Bureau. It was later renamed “Electrical Testing Laboratories”, giving start to the nationally recognized ETL mark. With over 1000 offices and laboratories worldwide, Intertek ensures high safety and quality assurance standards.

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