We are pleased to announce an alliance between Ajax Systems, the most awarded security system in Europe, and FullTime, a leading company specializing in developing cloud solutions for monitoring and tracking businesses. This alliance has resulted in an exceptional integration between the Ajax alarm and two innovative solutions from FullTime: FullCenter and FullArm. It allows for optimized monitoring management and provides a more comprehensive and efficient service by adding photo verification to alarms of wireless MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors.

How does it work?

FullCenter, an alarm monitoring software by FullTime, enables alarm monitoring companies to receive and handle all events and photos taken by the Ajax alarm directly from FullCenter, without needing external receivers. It provides greater flexibility and efficiency in security event management and video verification, preventing false triggers. Additionally, through FullCenter, monitoring companies can remotely send commands to the Ajax alarm, providing total control over the security system.

The Ajax alarm is now also integrated with the FullArm app, designed explicitly for end users. With FullArm, users can monitor, arm, and disarm the Ajax alarm, inhibit specific zones, access home automation, and view live cameras with cloud storage. Furthermore, the video verification feature enables quick and accurate visual verification of security events.

“FullTime has been growing strongly in the region and is undoubtedly a company that adds significant value to its customers through its monitoring solutions, apps, and cloud-based integrations. The integration with FullTime will enable agile monitoring of our solutions, along with the development of operational and commercial opportunities, given the high level of integration achieved and how the functionalities of both platforms enhance each other.”Federico Keselman, Business Development Manager, Southern Cone, Ajax Systems

“This strategic alliance between Ajax Systems and FullTime represents a significant milestone in the security industry. We offer a comprehensive solution that combines the reliability and effectiveness of the Ajax alarm with FullTime’s innovative cloud solutions. Our goal is to provide monitoring companies and end users with an unprecedented security experience, offering intelligent management and complete control of their security systems.”Adrian La Fontana, Director of Fulltime Argentina

“From now on, FullTime solution users can incorporate the full range of Ajax products into their installations, not only for event monitoring but also for security mode control and even automation. This integration demonstrates Ajax’s commitment to the Latin American market. It results from joint work by two companies committed to providing efficient solutions to security professionals and end users.”Felipe Hoyos, Technical Director, Latam

About FullTime

FullTime is a multinational company leader in cloud-based technological solutions for alarm monitoring and asset tracking businesses. It began its history in 2007 in São Paulo, Brazil. With over 15 years in the development sector, FullTime provides efficient and up-to-date solutions that promote convenience and security for monitoring and tracking companies. FullTime has offices in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. It is present in over 20 countries, focusing on implementing cutting-edge technology across its web and mobile platforms exclusively in the B2B sphere with white-label branding.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is Europe’s largest developer and manufacturer of security systems with smart home capabilities. The company’s global success has been primarily driven by its innovations, namely proprietary technologies like Jeweller, Wings, and OS Malevich. The product portfolio includes more than 70 wireless and wired devices for ultimate indoor and outdoor security. Currently, Ajax protects over 2 million users in 169 countries.