Matt De Araujo joins Ajax Systems as Head of Sales in Sub-Saharan Africa

Matt De Araujo joins Ajax Systems as Head of Sales in Sub-Saharan Africa

Head of Sales in Sub-Saharan Africa joins Ajax Systems for active company development in this market.

Matt De Araujo is an expert in the field of security system sales. He started his career 15 years ago. Previously he managed sales and business development for manufacturer and distributor security systems company in the African region.

Ajax is changing the industry with its dynamic leadership, clear understanding of industry-leading innovation, and quality technology solutions. I want to be a part of this process. My goal is to strengthen our local Team to exceed expectations and provide the next generation of solutions to an industry with excellent growth potential.

Matt De Araujo

Head of Sales in Sub-Saharan Africa at Ajax Systems

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the target markets for Ajax. We have a big local team, and with Matt’s experience in team management, market knowledge, and leadership skills, we will soon become number one in the region.

Dmytro Shchebetenko

Cluster Director MEA, APAC at Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems officially entered the African market in 2018, and since then it has become one of the company’s top 10 focus markets. Due to the high demand for high-quality security products in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ajax Systems enjoys a significant advantage in this market. In addition, we are developing several products specifically tailored to meet customer needs in the region.

Professional security companies with the most substantial expertise in the world play an important role there. This expertise is highly valuable for Ajax.

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