This was done under the second stage of the Ajax Systems initiative to support the Lyceum’s future engineers. The company has supplied the school labs with equipment for physics demonstrations and an interactive panel with innovative presentation software for online education.

Laboratory classes are a top-priority element of the educational process since no theoretical skills can be properly mastered without practical experience. Special kits for the Electricity and Magnetism course include professional measuring equipment intended for school use. To facilitate online learning during quarantine time, Ajax Systems has also supplied the Lyceum with a special-purpose interactive panel. Its multifunctional software will help teachers turn any lesson into fascinating research.

After we equipped the sports ground, we moved on to outfitting physics laboratories. I believe that the synergy of body and mind helps unleash human potential. There is no doubt as to the talents of the Lyceum teachers and students. So we just had to improve the existing infrastructure. We believe such projects are what every decent business should engage with.Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO Ajax Systems

Lab equipment is used to demonstrate the effects of physical laws and processes in various environments to students. And our interactive panel is indispensable when it comes to e-learning. It will save the teachers’ time while preparing for classes and unleash their creative potential. As for students, it will provide them with modern, advanced education.Mykola Levtik, Lyceum Principal, Honored Educator of Ukraine

The Lyceum graduates include range of doctors of science, professors, ministers, and scientists of international renown. Every year, lyceum graduates rank among country’s best students according to independent external testing results. Ajax Systems will continue cooperation with the Lyceum. When the time is right, the Lyceum will hold a Career Day to demonstrate the capabilities of IT and Engineering “made in Ukraine” under the auspices of Ajax Systems.