Ajax protects a new cultural space with world-class art in Kyiv

Ajax protects a new cultural space with world-class art in Kyiv

Ajax Systems protects the Module of Temporality (MOT) art exhibition. A cultural space featuring international and Ukrainian works was created by donʼt Take Fake agency. The exhibition opened in Kyiv on February 17 and will be available for three months.

Module of Temporality

The art project explores fluidity of life and time through Ukrainian and international art. Exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, installations and audiovisual works by 28 artists from 10 countries, including JR, Vhils, Kimsooja and Ukrainian artists Maria Kulikovska, Roman Minin, and Volodymyr Manzhos. The location’s modular design was created by balbek bureau.

MOT aims to draw world’s attention to Ukraine and raise funds to restore cultural sites that have been destroyed by Russia.

MOT is an international exhibition featuring artworks of temporality. Participating artists have entrusted us with their valuable paintings, installations and sculptures. They did it despite the lack of insurance and risks of damage, theft or flooding due to war. To protect these art objects, we are using an Ajax security system that enables our team to monitor the exhibition space and control devices remotely.

don’t Take Fake Team

Art objects protected by Ajax

Exhibition space includes 27 metal containers with an area of over 417 m² that can be disassembled, transported and reassembled in less than 10 days. Some of the furniture is made of steel from the destroyed Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

MOT is fully equipped with Ajax wireless detectors to reach maximum security potential. Security system protects entire area against intrusion, vandalism and flooding.

Ajax wireless detectors cover MOT’s mobility needs. Devices can be quickly disassembled and reinstalled. It’s easy to transport them to any location where exhibition will be showcased in the future.

ajax module temporality
ajax module temporality

In addition, exhibition space is equipped with 20 LightSwitch smart devices, one of the latest Ajax innovations. It allows to control lighting from a smartphone and set up automation scenarios. LightSwitch’s design is a perfect match to the iconic style of the exhibition space.

ajax module temporality

Ajax solutions have conquered numerous global markets. Ukrainian technologies are used on every continent. As a partners of MOT project, we are proud to support global promotion of Ukrainian art. We honored to be involved in such a significant initiative, protecting the art objects from around the world.

Valentine Hrytsenko

CMO Ajax Systems

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